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The Walks

Written by SeenThat on 05 Feb, 2007

The WalksOn each one of the compass directions, Ayata offers a different landscape to explore and enjoy. However, the steep terrain and the lack of fresh water sources quite limit the extent of the walks, unless water purification pills or tools are taken.To the south,…Read More

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The Views

Written by SeenThat on 03 Feb, 2007

The NatureIn the way between the Socosani Mountain and the Sorata River, Ayata enjoys an awesome landscape. The mountain reaches 5km height, while the river is significantly below 2km above the sea level; that means that the slopes cover more than three vertical kilometers. This…Read More

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Written by SeenThat on 03 Feb, 2007

The entrance to the town was strange. There were many houses in an arrangement that became denser as we approached the central plaza; adobe was the main construction material at the outskirts while bricks were the preferred choice by the center. Once at the plaza…Read More

The Trip

Written by SeenThat on 03 Feb, 2007

I had just landed in La Paz, Bolivia, from my other adopted country - Thailand - when a friend invited me to join a delegation from the Lutheran Church to Ayata."Where is Ayata," I asked."Next to Chuma," was the prompt answer.Feeling doubly ignorant, I accepted…Read More

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