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Staying and Eating in Andringitra National Park

Written by Slug on 10 Feb, 2010

As my other reviews confirm; camping in Andringitra National Park is a little basic. One area where we did very well was with the catering arrangements, and our lovely cook Zu certainly did us proud. The Cooking FacilitiesI did stick my head through the door…Read More

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Madagascan Culture: Enough to Raise the Dead!

Written by Slug on 12 Dec, 2009

With the spread of globalisation, there aren’t too many countries where you might feel that local life is completely different. However, even while we were chatting and sipping a beer in the genteel bar of our hotel, Les Chambres du Voyageur in Antsirabe, we discovered…Read More

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A Handicraft Tour of Antsirabe

Written by Slug on 30 Nov, 2009

The Madagascan town of Antsirabe is famous for the sheer number of artisan craft shops around. We spent a happy morning touring a number and found locals beevering hard for the tourist $. Their skill made me wonder (and not for the last time) at…Read More

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Taking a slow boat to Lokobe.

Written by Golem on 16 Jan, 2005

A chance encounter.Clearly the most sensible epilogue to my few hectic weeks in Madagascar would have been having an utterly relaxing stay on Nosy Be before returning home. But good sense has rarely come naturally to me and neither has being a beach bum, even…Read More

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Joining the throng at Andranofasika weekly market.

Written by Golem on 21 Sep, 2004

Just outside the national park lies Andranofasika, which may be the largest settlement in the area, but is usually a dusty, one-zebu town that cannot compete with the charms of the forest. However, every Wednesday the usually sleepy little spot is transformed into a throng…Read More

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Berenty: Sanctuary at the Big Eel

Written by rodeime on 17 Sep, 2004

To most of us, Madagascar is a huge, mysterious island somewhere over Africa’s way. Even hardened trivia masters stumble when posed questions about this enigmatic mini-continent. But chances are we could at least name one or two of Madagascar's famous animals. If you said Lemur…Read More

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Great Leaping Lemurs

Written by rodeime on 04 Jan, 2004

When the vast island continent of Madagascar wrenched itself free from the mighty Gondwanaland tens of millions of years ago, it took with it a veritable Noah’s Ark of plant and animal species, and established itself as a unique ecosystem that remains so to this…Read More

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Malagasy Roads

Written by soleil17 on 29 Jan, 2005

Many Malagasy roads are in a poor state of repair due to a lack of funding and the constant problems caused by cyclones and the rainy season. The best road is the route from Antananarivo to Tamatave. The next best is from Antananarivo to Mahajunga,…Read More

Rhum Arrange

Written by soleil17 on 29 Jan, 2005

This is a must-try beverage while you are in Madagascar. (There should be an accent over the 'e' in arrange). These are rums that have essentially been infused with local fruits or spices... or both. Fruits, vanilla, or cinnamon are added to a jar full…Read More

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Air Madagascar

Written by rodeime on 05 Jan, 2004

Air Madagascar is the national and only carrier within Madagascar. They operate a small fleet comprising mainly older aircraft that includes a 747-200, a 767-300, several 737s of 200 series and at least one of 300 series. Smaller DHC-6 Twin Otters and ATR-42s make up the…Read More

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