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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's In Our Rig We Go

Written by QueenOfTheRoad on 28 Nov, 2008

We’re really not Disney people. I mean, Disney people don’t see the Guest Relations kiosk and wonder, "Ya think they sell condoms?" Disney people don’t purposely make outlandish faces on the roller coasters, just as the camera snaps a picture (my favorite, pretending to stick…Read More

A Non-Outdoorsey Gal in Death Valley

Written by QueenOfTheRoad on 28 Nov, 2008

Death Valley’s hundred-year bloom was all over the news. And since we were in the area anyway . . . We couldn’t get a reservation for a campground in the park (well, we could have gotten a spot – maybe – if we’d lined up…Read More

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The Racetrack, Death Valley.

Written by ArnyZona on 04 Mar, 2005

If you ever see a photo of this place, you will want to visit it! The Racetrack is a 2.5-mile-long, dried-up lake. The flat is shaped like an oval and as flat as a paved football field. On the flat you can find several "moving rocks"…Read More

Rare Wildflower Display

Written by Wasatch on 30 Mar, 2005

After reading in the paper about 2005's outburst of wildflowers in Death Valley, we decided to go. We arrived March 26 via Rt. 374 from Beatty, NV. About halfway down the 4,000-foot hill going into the Valley, the flowers started--tall yellow, white, and…Read More

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Zabriskie Point/Artist’s Drive/Devil’s Golf Course/Badwater

Written by AnaMH on 19 Nov, 2000

These four areas are all found near Furnace Creek. Next to the parking lot at Zabriakie Point, there is a short paved path (very steep) which leads to the panoramic view of the eroded, uplifted brown/yellow hills. Artist's Drive is a one way looped…Read More

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Sand Dunes / Salt Creek

Written by AnaMH on 19 Nov, 2000

Sand Dunes is a 14 square mile area containing the famous dunes of Death Valley. You can take a gravel road to the eastern edge of the dunes and get a full view of the area. You can also walk to them from the highway.…Read More

Zion, Utah

Written by gizzmose10 on 29 Aug, 2003

Zion National Park is one of the many treasures to be found in Southern Utah. For grand beauty it equals California's Yosemite National Park. The park itself is easily accessible from the small town of Springdale, a good place to stay if you aren't staying…Read More

Dante’s View

Written by AnaMH on 19 Nov, 2000

A paved road leads to a spectacular view from about 5,500 feet above sea level. The view overlooks the Badwater area, miles of salt flats and the walls of the Panamint Mountains across the valley. There is a road leading to Greenwater Valley, an area…Read More

Titus Canyon Road

Written by AnaMH on 19 Nov, 2000

This very popular road (27 miles) is one way from east to west and begins on the Daylight Pass road (on the way to Beatty). You travel through the Grapevine Mountains and then descend Titanothere Canyon. Besides being one of the parks most spectacular canyons,…Read More

The Racetrack

Written by AnaMH on 19 Nov, 2000

I had a 4 wheel drive SUV so I was able to make the drive to Racetrack. The 25-mile drive begins at Ubehebe Crater and can be pretty rough at times. It is best to check with the Natl. Park Service before embarking down this…Read More

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