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Main Destinations in the Province of Misiones

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 27 Nov, 2006

Obviously, the Iguazu Falls are one of the most beautiful spots in the whole world. But Misiones has far more than that. If you have time, it is nice to take the local suburban bus from Posadas to Iguazú. It will take 7 hours instead of…Read More

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Main Destinations in the Province of Corrientes

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 27 Nov, 2006

The city of Corrientes is beautifully surrounded to the North and to the East by the Parana river, since the river gives a turn around the city. It has been running from East to West and now runs from North to South. The view from…Read More

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Parana, a Beautiful Province Capital

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 26 Nov, 2006

Parana is a very attractive city, specially thanks to its beautiful Urquiza park on the banks of the river. There are also a number of bathing resorts along the river, of which Balneario Thompson is supposed to be the best, and a nice coastal avenue…Read More

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Rosario, the Most Important City in the Littoral

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 26 Nov, 2006

I would have entitled this note: Rosario, the third city in Argentina, but many people still believe that Rosario is the second city in Argentina, and I live precisely in Córdoba. Rosario was for centuries the second city in Argentina. In 1970 it was surpassed…Read More

Omni Bus Terminal

Written by panda2 on 05 May, 2007

Omni Bus Terminal is a large bus hub operation, information booth by the main station entrance, luggage short term storage for around ARP3-3.25/hour per each piece by a 24 hour attendant.One of the men's banos offers a makeshift shower access for ARP5. We were uncomfortably…Read More


Written by panda2 on 01 May, 2007

Schellhas caught my eye with the cook through its glass window. With the help of another customer serving as interpreter, we ordered "Entrecot (a la pimienta, al champag., a la crema, al verdeo, al puerro) a good cut of beef which was quite good though…Read More

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