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Troglodyte Time

Written by koshkha on 02 May, 2010

Troglodyte - it's a lovely word that brings to mind a very primitive way of life. It trips off the tongue very nicely, filling your mouth with a sense that this is a word to be respected. But when push comes to shove, for all…Read More

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Libyan Alphabet - From Odeon to Zebras

Written by koshkha on 28 Mar, 2010

~ O is for Odeon ~As the guide at our first ancient site told us "Not the one in Leicester Square". I learned a few lessons during a week of ancient archaeological sites including that the Greeks built their theatres (called Odeons) into hill sides,…Read More

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Libyan Alphabet - From Gaddafi to No Booze

Written by koshkha on 28 Mar, 2010

~G is for Gaddafi – of course!~The world's second most famous Colonel (the other is the one with the 'special blend of herbs and spices') became the leader of Libya at the age of just 27, after a coup in 1969. This means he's been…Read More

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Libyan Alphabet - From Africa to Food

Written by koshkha on 28 Mar, 2010

I like to take holidays in the sort of places that make my American friends nervous. This time we chose to take a one week tour of Libya. We generally prefer DIY trips but I really wouldn't have a clue how to organise a trip…Read More

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Tripoli: Souks and Castles

Written by HobWahid on 03 Feb, 2005

Tripoli is the historic main city of Lebanon, the city that, until the French period, was the main port of Lebanon and one of the largest in Greater Syria. That all changed, though, during the French Mandate. The French, wanting to establish a majority Christian…Read More

A few facts and Libyan history (ancient and modern) for context

Written by SaraP on 05 Nov, 2003

Not much is known about Libya beyond the newspaper articles about Lockerbie and Gaddafi -- many people don't even know where it is! I thought a few facts and a little context might help . . . Libya's total size is 1,759,540 sq km (about…Read More

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Written by Our Nice on 27 Nov, 2007

A green forest hug great history over mountan so you speek about Cyrene in Libya so what you know about it .Founded in the year 631 s borders. M through some adventurous Alaghericokan Patos first Governor of the city, for a period of 40 years.…Read More

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