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Baalbek - A Must See

Written by ramigm75 on 12 Jun, 2006

If you go to Lebanon and don't go to Baalbek, then I think you have just wasted your time. These ruins are some of the most amazing I have ever seen, they really make you realise how incredible our ancestors were! …Read More

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Bike Ride in Batroun

Written by ramigm75 on 12 Jun, 2006

My friend Rita took me up to Batroun, we hired some bikes for LL1000 per hour and rode around the old town. It was just fantastic, the coast line was spectacular. My food poisoning however made bike riding a bit hard!…Read More

Basic Arabic

Written by b*kp*k ch*k on 30 Sep, 2002

You can get by pretty well with English alone, but a bit of French or Arabic can definitely be advantageous. The French, I’m sure, can be had in many places. Here’s some basic Arabic that might come in handy: Keef alhaal? = How are you? Hamdallah…Read More

Arabic Lessons

Written by Mandan Lynn on 27 Nov, 2010

One day, I went with Laura to her thrice-weekly three-hour Arabic class. The four students are all native English speakers: Laura from the United States, a young couple from England, and a man from Ireland. The teacher, Hiam, is a 28-year-old Muslim woman…Read More

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