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Crossing the two borders: the Practicalities of Iguacu Falls

Written by actonsteve on 18 Dec, 2002

If you fly down to Iguacu make sure you sit on the left hand side of the plane. As you approach the city the pilot banks the aircraft to give a stunning view of the chocolate brown Iguacu river 4,000 ft below. From this height…Read More

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The Macuco Ride: Skimming under the falls in a speedboat..

Written by actonsteve on 18 Dec, 2002

This may be the highlight of your trip to Iguacu Falls.An independent operator offers an excursion which includes a trip through the jungle and a zodiac (inflatable speedboat) that whizzes amongst the cataracts and under the falls themselves. This is the ultimate thrill ride as…Read More

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The Brazilian side: Grand overview of the entire falls....

Written by actonsteve on 18 Dec, 2002

For one of the greatest sights in South America, indeed one which epitomises this exciting continent, - come to the Brazilian side of Iguacu Falls. The vista of forty waterfalls stretched along a gigantic cliff face four miles long is earthshaking. Your ears will be…Read More

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The Argentine side - the falls from below - the Inferior Cataract walk

Written by actonsteve on 24 Dec, 2002

Your final look at the myriad of waterfalls at Iguacu will probably be from the inferior (lower) set of walkways. This takes you down to the river and provides stunning views of the falls looming far above you and the great arc of the escarpment…Read More

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The Argentine side - along the rim - the Superior Cataract walk

Written by actonsteve on 24 Dec, 2002

There are two walks through the jungle that no visitor to Iguacu should miss. One is along the precipice where over forty waterfalls plunge onto the escarpment - the Superior (higher) Cataract walk. And the other is underneath the falls - the Inferior (lower) Cataract…Read More

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Staring into the abyss - the Garganta di Diablo - the Devil's Throat

Written by actonsteve on 24 Dec, 2002

I am not joking when I say this is the most terrifying part of Iguacu Falls.To stare into the Garganta di Diablo - the Devil's throat - is to stare into the abyss. Fourteen separate waterfalls combine to pour into a gorge to create the…Read More

Foz do Iguazu, Brazil and Argentina

Written by louisejohnsson1 on 08 Sep, 2004

Apparently Foz do Iguazu, which is one of the world’s greatest waterfalls, on the border between Argentina and Brazil, was created by a perturbed Indian God. When a Guarani Indian boy took off down the river with the woman whom the God had the hots…Read More

current currency exchange as of 10/22

Written by ademir on 22 Oct, 2000

Current currency exchange as of 10/22 1.00 USD United States Dollars = 0.999400 ARP Argentina Pesos 1.00 USD United States Dollars = 1.88288 BRL Brazil Real I'm not sure of the exchange in Paraguay. Almost all primary functions are payable with USDollars. …Read More

Life is good at the Falls

Written by ademir on 27 Oct, 2000

It is quite an enjoyable experience at the Falls. It is highly recommended to take a tour among a close border area to the falls. You may enjoy the atmosphere of playing at the casino on the Paraguay border and visiting the border…Read More

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