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An Honest Look at Mykonos

Written by mediterranean_girl on 19 Apr, 2003

Much can be said for the partying life on Mykonos, and if that's your game, you’ll find plenty of people here who would be more than happy to join you. Unfortunately for me, I was looking for a lovely romantic break -- which I didn’t…Read More

General Mykonos Information

Written by kimca on 22 Feb, 2001

I've put together some information that might be of assistance to you if you are planning to visit Mykonos. Flights Olympic Airways Phone: +30 1 9666666 Webpage:www.olympic-airways.gr.com Buses To take the bus, it will cost you between 75-150 drachmas. You can buy the tickets on the bus or at a ticketing…Read More

Mykonos Beaches

Written by kimca on 22 Feb, 2001

One of the reasons tourists flock to the Cyclades are the beaches. Here is your guide to some the beaches of Mykonos. Plati Gialos:A family friendly beach with the white sand you are looking for. It has all the comforts you will need. This is where…Read More

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Petros the pelican.

Written by Rucas on 17 Nov, 2000

An inseparable part of life on the harbour is the pelican, the island's mascot. It wanders through all the neighbourhoods but prefers the harbour and places nearby. It is so sweet and beloved it is looked after by everyone, locals and foreigners.…Read More

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More of Santorini

Written by hermion on 14 Mar, 2002

Just taking this space to continue with some picture from the archeological dig from 500 BC. The preservation of the rooms and the contents is really quite remarkable. One of the pictures shows the modernity of their bathing facilities and the other the…Read More

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Cheap Internet Service

Written by akakd on 01 Nov, 2008

Want to keep in touch with family back home? We recommend Angelos Internet Café where we spent one Eurofor 15 minutes. By Euro standards, that's inexpensive. And if you arrive by cruiseship, you'll appreciate the value even more, as access to the…Read More

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Romantic Vacation is Mykonos, Greece

Written by emmag9 on 08 Aug, 2010

The most romantic vacation- my boyfriend took me to this cutest boutique hotel in Mykonos in Greece. We got an amazing suite with sunset view. The name of the hotel is Portobello Hotel, it has a perfect location in the middle of the town, 10…Read More

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Pelican Brief Encounter

Written by akakd on 01 Nov, 2008

No visit to Mykonos is complete without an encounter with a brazen pelican. At once graceful and clumsy, these wondrous foul are amazing to watch.…Read More

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