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Idyllic Day in Mykonos

Written by diminor1929 on 08 Aug, 2010

We were looking forward to a beautiful day on the tiny Greek isle of Mykonos and were excited when we were told that we would be taking a "tender" or small boat from the Ruby Princess into the fishing town. Mykonos is situated on…Read More

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The tribes of Mykonos - the practicalities of the isle of the sybarites

Written by actonsteve on 03 Feb, 2007

Imagine the booming horn from a cruiseliner echoing around the harbour and the sound going on for a full minute.The great ship lies at anchor a couple of hundred of feet offshore - a magnificent vessel, stretching a full 1,000ft from stern to prow -…Read More

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Mykonos Town - the Brilliantly Dazzling White Maze

Written by actonsteve on 03 Feb, 2007

I have been to some mazelike towns before.Toledo in Spain is a real warren, Pushkar in India is a labyrinth, and finding my way through the darkness of Paraty in Brazil was a real headache. But I stayed on Mykonos for a week and I…Read More

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The very ancient Delos.

Written by Rucas on 16 Nov, 2000

Despite its diminutive size, Delos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, and certainly the most important in the Cyclades. Delos was a place of such importance that the surrounding islands were known as the Cyclades, since it was thougth that they lay…Read More

My, My...Mykonos!

Written by ChrisATL on 28 Aug, 2008

From Athens we flew to Mykonos. Again, we had made arrangements for a driver to meet us at the airport. This time it was a van with no Aircon. Mykonos is idyllic--- bright white concrete buildings with varying shades of Aegean blue trim. Our hotel…Read More


Written by friendodot on 20 Oct, 2004

After six trips to Mykonos, I have to confess I've only done one side of the island. That's because my favorite beach is Super Paradise Beach, where I always go. However, on the way to Super Paradise, which is a bit remote, there…Read More

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The Local Wildlife or How I Met Petros the Pelican

Written by mytravelnotes on 04 Mar, 2001

Strolling through the narrow walkways in Mykonos town, popping into the many shops, I was enjoying the atmosphere of island life. Suddenly, I started to hear a rapid grunting noise and wondered what is was. All of a sudden, around the corner of one Mykonos' many boutiques…Read More

The Night the Lights Went Out

Written by kimca on 22 Feb, 2001

The sun had just set when we decided to take a walk down the somewhat steep footpath to Mykonos town. We had been browsing in the darling little shops and decided to pick up a few groceries from the store. Waiting in line to pay,…Read More

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Ornos Bay

Written by Hal1026 on 17 Sep, 2004

Ornos Bay sits in a deeply curving shoreline on the southeastern corner of Mykonos. It may certainly not be the most scenic bay in all of the Aegean — we’ve all seen more spectacular bays in photographs — but, putting it in the context…Read More

Olympics in Greece: The First Return

Written by harrka on 01 May, 2006

I had to do it. I had longed to visit Greece; to roam the same grounds that Plato, Socrates did—those people that formed the modern democracy (and those whose bones would roll over in their graves if they knew what was going on these days...…Read More

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