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Surviving Winter in Japan

Written by dackelynn on 28 Nov, 2006

Japan might be an advanced, industrialized nation but if you think that central heating exists then you're kidding yourself. It's cold outside and it can get just as cold inside if you don't take the proper measures. Here's a guide for those of you who…Read More

Misakanoyu, the Misaka Rose Garden Hot Springs

Written by dackelynn on 28 Nov, 2006

My small town of Misaka is home to a fantastic hot spring, or 'onsen' in Japanese. The place may be hard to find as it is hidden amid peach trees and grape farms but if you go to the trouble to get there then you…Read More

Hoko-ji Temple in Enzan

Written by dackelynn on 28 Nov, 2006

Hoko-ji is a Buddhist temple, located conveniently near the more famous Erin-ji Temple in Enzan. From Erin-ji, walk up the road and look for signs. Hoko-ji is to the left. Hoko-ji doesn't look very different from many other Buddhist temples from the outside, but it…Read More

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