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Travel Hub

Written by SeenThat on 15 Mar, 2011

More often than not, travel hubs are of special interest and joy for travelers, nowhere you can feel more a traveler than there. Moreover, they often are meeting places where cultures mix happily; maybe you’ll eat chuño – an Altiplano dehydrated potato – with chopsticks.…Read More

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On Lamas Spotting Spitting Llamas

Written by SeenThat on 15 Mar, 2011

Three large towns lie along the Titicaca Lake shores. Copacabana is on its eastern side, Desaguadero - split between Bolivia and Peru – on its southern end and Puno on its western side. Puno is the largest, but not by much. As Copacabana, Puno is…Read More

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The Logic of Landing on the Titicaca Lake

Written by SeenThat on 12 Mar, 2011

Perceptive readers may attack me on the claims made in the first entry of this journal, Puno – A Spanish Pun; after all, if Puno and Copacabana are so similar, while spend time in both of them? "One culture, one lake, one visit," would summarize…Read More

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Puno – A Spanish Pun

Written by SeenThat on 12 Mar, 2011

On Spanish Puns Spanish and English share a lot. Both are Indo-European languages, thus they have a similar structure, especially with regard to a cumbersome verbs structure. The vocabulary’s similitude is enhanced due to the widespread use of Latin and Greek roots by both languages.…Read More

Taquile Island

Written by Anne Silver on 16 Oct, 2000

Taquile Island After four hours by boat we came to Taquile Island. The island juts starkly out of the Incas sacred Lake Titicaca. We had elected to spend the night here. As we stood on the highest point and watched the tour boats one by…Read More

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Written by jurgen on 24 Oct, 2000

Early in the morning we leave to the harbour by taxi. Outside it is still very cold. There is ice on the roads, and it is the middle of July! In the harbour we take one of the boats to Taquille and the Uros islands…Read More


Written by akakd on 13 Jul, 2005

We were told it would be safe to go to Puno, as long as we got out before the weekend, when demonstrations tended to heat up. Difficulties in Bolivia had spilled over the border into Peru, with Puno being a site for many demonstrations.…Read More

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