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Wander around to strike a bargain

Written by marif on 04 Nov, 2012

Shopping possibilities in Wroclaw have become so numerous and diverse that an attempt to choose the best way to spend your extra zlotys has turned into a feat of non-stop wandering around. Although no particular streets entirely dedicated to shopping exist in the city centre,…Read More

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A surprisingly green city: Part 2

Written by marif on 30 Oct, 2012

East of Wroclaw’s medieval centre, the Dabie district teems with spreading hectares of overgrown woodland and smaller areas of parkland and recreational spaces. While these are obviously the prime sights of attraction here, one should not overlook the scores of mansions and manors lining the…Read More

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A surprisingly green city: Part 1

Written by marif on 22 Oct, 2012

The semi-forested countryside around Wroclaw’s outer districts is surprisingly green and well maintained and so ideal for hiking and picnicking. Worthy of mention is the vast hillside tract of land north of Wroclaw, a lovely pine-and-oak forest that extends further north to the town of…Read More

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Uncovering more of Wroclaw's attractions

Written by marif on 10 Oct, 2012

A one-day stopover in Wroclaw should give priority to the Market Square, a huge medieval piazza that undeniably embodies the traditions and culture of the city. Buildings on the square are post-war reconstructed replicas of the originals but all are somehow or other steeped in…Read More

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The most vivid pieces in the jigsaw

Written by marif on 04 Oct, 2012

Wroclaw train station is a twenty-minute walk south of the Old Town quarter. Several tram routes clearly marked in red on city maps link major stops in the city with the train station. Entirely pedestrianized, the heart of the Old Town quarter is not traversed…Read More

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German and Polish twin sisters

Written by marif on 27 Sep, 2012

Germany’s eastern regions are excellent gateways to Poland’s western cities. In most cases, reaching a city in west Poland is harder and longer from Warsaw than from cities in east Germany. In particular, cities in Poland’s western regions like Wroclaw, Zielona Gora and Opole are…Read More

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Ostrow Tumski

Written by Owen Lipsett on 17 Dec, 2004

Wroclaw may truly be said to begin on Ostrow Tumski, where Slavs founded a merchant town in the 9th century. Its name, which means Cathedral Island, derives from the diocese founded upon it in the year 1,000 by Boleslaw the Brave. With five…Read More

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A Brief History of Wroclaw

Written by Owen Lipsett on 16 Dec, 2004

Wroclaw's History Museum suffers from both a paucity of explanations in English and a rather selective interpretation of historical events in favor of the Polish perspective. Interestingly, the city’s coat of arms bears a prominent "W" that serves to efface the memory of its…Read More

The Wavel, Krakow

Written by Brad2 on 20 Jul, 2005

The whole Wavel area is open for free, and it’s worth walking around and getting orientated with the day before you want to visit the interiors if you can. They have moved the ticket office onto the slope up from Ul. Bernardynska. There is…Read More

Hotels in Wroclaw, Warsaw, and Krakow

Written by Brad2 on 20 Jul, 2005

If you like old towns and new culture, Poland is for you. The language is no problem, as everyone wants to use their English but love you for trying to speak Polish. We are in our late 50's and found it easygoing. We stayed in…Read More

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