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Community-Based Tourism

Written by helenl on 17 Nov, 2005

Kazakhstsan is emerging from decades of a Soviet system, and some of the remote rural areas are getting left behind. There is plenty of money in this land full of oil and natural resources, but it stays in the hands of the few. Big cities…Read More

City and village in a day or two

Written by helenl on 27 Dec, 2005

48 hours in Almaty What does this fine leafy city have to offer the visitor? It depends on your interests, and on the time of year. If your visit is between June and September, you will find that most of the population has moved outside.…Read More

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Victory Day In Shushinsk

Written by VagabondChimp on 01 Apr, 2008

May 8th is known as Victory Day in most of the former Soviet Union. This is the day, they say, that the communists defeated the fascists. In America we call this day VE Day, Victory in Europe; when the Germans surrendered to the…Read More

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