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Scheveningen: Try Wrapping Your Tongue on That Name!

Written by Wildcat Dianne on 26 Jul, 2011

The last two times I have visited the Netherlands, I have not had much difficulty communicating with my friend Monique or other natives because several inhabitants of the Netherlands speak English as their second language. But whenever I am in a foreign country, I…Read More


Written by travel2000 on 07 Nov, 2000

To get a taxi, try either of these two numbers. 390-7722 or 346-2626. The taxis here are quite luxurious, we were twice in a new Mercedes Benz and twice in a minivan. The drivers are very professional. I tipped about 10%, though my Dutch friends…Read More

Further Information

Written by travel2000 on 07 Nov, 2000

On my first visit, I stayed close to Prinsesgraat, a street with many cool design-type stores. I bought alot of cool desk accessories and almost bought a pair of really nice glasses. On my second visit this past October, I stayed on Molenstraat, a…Read More

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Walking through The Hague

Written by linet on 18 Mar, 2004

You can easily follow the arrows everywhere pointing to the hot spots. Do not miss Binnenhof: It is an old building complex which still houses ministries; you can also take a guided tour here. You can walk to the palace Noordeinde where the Queen 'works', only…Read More

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A stop in Delft

Written by Adelaide on 16 Nov, 2000

Our excursion included a stop in Delft, home of the famous hand painted blue and white porcelain, a process brought from China. We visited Delftse Pauw, which means the 'Delft's peacock.' After learning about the molding, bruning and painting processes, we were left in the…Read More


Written by Adelaide on 16 Nov, 2000

Scheveningen is a seaside resort close to The Hague. For a person from the tropics, it was hard to believe that there were windsurfers in the sea despite the cold windy weather. There is also a casino (adults only) with live entertainment.…Read More

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The Hague will always be associated with herring

Written by Zhebiton on 20 Sep, 2010

The Hague - the city of calm, even prim. After all, the residence of the queen. Here everything is leisurely, measured, dignified. Even the fountains do not seem out of the water and of glycerol. Flea, who is also an antique market, operating in the…Read More

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