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Bella Vista, Corrientes, a Fishing Paradise

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 25 Jul, 2009

Bella Vista is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days fishing fresh water sting rays or dorados. I have been only once there, with an oustanding fishing guide, Carlos Viccini. I suffered a shoulder injury at the Esquina bus station,…Read More

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The San Ignacio Jesuit Ruins, Misiones, Argentina

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 25 Jul, 2009

The Jesuit Reductions were a particular version of the general Catholic strategy used in the 17th and 18th centuries of building reductions (reducciones de indios), in order to Christianize the indigenous populations of the Americas more efficiently. They were created by the Catholic order of…Read More

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The Ibera Marshes, Argentina, Very Near Yacyreta

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 24 Jul, 2009

There are two gateways to the Ibera Marshes that are open all the year round: Mercedes (Corrientes), to where you can go by bus from Buenos Aires, Rosario, Santa Fe, Parana, Goya, Bella Vista, Paso de los Libres, Concordia and Corrientes, but from where you…Read More

Fishing near the Ibera Marshes and other alternatives in Corrientes

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 26 Dec, 2006

The Ibera Marshes or Wetlands, a swamp area five times larger than the wetlands in Louisiana, feed the Corrientes river, that runs into the Parana river at Esquina. I have fished in the Río Corrientes near Esquina and know that large suribis (of the catfish…Read More

Concordia and Paso de los Libres, two nearby destinations

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 25 Dec, 2006

Concordia is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions in its area of influence. A stay at the San Carlos Inn and Resort is a delightful experience. It is in the middle of the San Carlos Park (how they were authorized to build a hotel…Read More

Hotel Accomodations at Iberá and in the Province of Corrientes

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 26 Dec, 2006

As I have mentioned, Carlos Pellegrini, inside the reserve, is a small village with 300 inhabitants. It only has ten blocks by ten, and if you are staying at a cheap lodge and it is raining (and you have no color TV), you will find…Read More

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Yacyreta/Ituzaingo, the gateway to the Ibera Marshes.

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 24 Jul, 2009

Yacyreta is the only bi-national hydroelectic project that Argentina and Paraguay have in common. It forms the largest reservoir in Argentina and supplies twenty four percent of all the energy consumed by Argentina. It has more than forty miles (65 kilometers of embankments,…Read More

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Empedrado, on The Banks of the Parana River

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 20 Jul, 2009

I was thirty years old when I visited this city for the first time. On a one and a half hour fishing outing, my fishing line was cut three times. On next trips I fished very nice dorados. This time I went…Read More

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