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Salmon fishing on the Kenai River

Written by stvchin on 15 Aug, 2013

The Kenai Peninsula, especially around the Kenai River, is world famous for salmon fishing. Each summer, thousands upon thousands of anglers from all over the world descend upon the Kenai Peninsula to fish the Kenai River and its tributaries, in the hopes of catching salmon.…Read More

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Kenai River Fishing

Written by stvchin on 30 Aug, 2009

My family owns a cabin in an area of the Kenai River known as the Kenai Keys. It's situated off Highway 1, about 5-6 miles east of the town of Sterling, and about 3-4 miles south on Felding Road. Their cabin is on a…Read More

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Kenai Peninsula Fishing

Written by MilwVon on 10 Jul, 2006

In another entry, I've talked about our experience with Sports Den's guided fishing tour. The King Salmon fishing trip is something that many do while in Anchorage. We highly recommend it!The other fishing that we observed on the Kenai Peninsula was fly fishing on the…Read More

Set Net History on the Kenai

Written by Donchay on 18 Jul, 2006

Set net fishing in Cook Inlet has been happening since the 1800s. When set netting started, fishermen used fish traps. These were made out of poles staked into the ground and hung with wire between them. When the tide changed, the fish would get caught…Read More

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Page 3

Written by dannynosleeves on 12 Dec, 2004

It's hard to say how I felt during that first run. "Sublime" is the first word that comes to mind. There was no tension or awkwardness involved. Only calm and serenity. It was so peaceful that I could have run all day. Fear was something…Read More

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Written by dannynosleeves on 12 Dec, 2004

I had eight dogs for my first run - a good number to start with. All the dogs on my sled were amazing and probably some of the best in the kennel. The leaders were multi-Iditarod finishers and nothing short of amazing. They knew the…Read More

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Written by dannynosleeves on 12 Dec, 2004

As I sit here waiting for my coffee to cool down, I am pleasantly reminded of a quote from the T.E. Lawrence book Seven Pillars of Wisdom. "All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake…Read More

Community Contra Dancing

Written by Donchay on 19 Nov, 2006

Community contra dancing in Kenai and Soldotna is hosted by the Kenai River Folkdancers at K-Beach elementary school ever third Saturday of each month of winter. (Normally from October to April or May.) Look in the local newspaper, listen for the community calendar announcements on…Read More

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Simple Life

Written by justmejenna on 27 Dec, 2005

There are many things to do in Alaska. Anchorage, being the "big" city, offers great eats and lots of shopping! But head south to Kenai and see the Alaska you were meant to see. In the summertime, you can walk the beach in Kenai, fish…Read More

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Bear Viewing and Helicopter Rides

Written by FLTravelAgent on 31 Jan, 2001

Of all Alaska's wonders, perhaps none will stamp your memory more deeply than photographing or fishing with these magnificent animals - The Alaskan Bears! From a remote Bear Viewing Camp, situated on the edge of Lake Clark National Park, at the foot of Mount Iliamna,…Read More

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