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Pinacate's Volcanic Biosphere Reserve

Written by wanderluster on 23 Oct, 2005

Halfway between Rocky Point and the Arizona border lies a vast volcanic field of over 400 cinder cones created from fiery eruptions 2,000 to 1,000,000 years ago. Magma still roils deep below dormant volcanoes and cooled lava slopes in this moon-like landscape of sunken craters,…Read More

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Dining in Rocky Point

Written by wanderluster on 23 Oct, 2005

Dining options in this seaside resort feature seafood, of course. Shrimp boats flocking the harbor allude to the regional specialty. Restaurants wedged between souvenir shops lining the malecon all offer shrimp prepared this way and that: foil-wrapped, boiled, breaded, coconut fried, Hawaiian-styled, steamed in fruit…Read More

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Rocky Point in July--Hot! Hot! Hot!

Written by azsunluvr on 13 Aug, 2006

Our first trip to Puerto Penasco about 6 years ago, was in June. The heat and humidity didn't deter us from this vacation destination. We just avoided summer, and especially enjoy the Spring and Fall.I'd been looking to be anywhere but home this summer, so…Read More

Playa Bonita

Written by jmcinaz on 01 Aug, 2006

Playa Bonita was expensive, dirty, and a waste of time. I guess my beef isn't entirely with the hotel itself. It was one of the better hotels in the stink hole of Rocky Point. We went in high season and paid $150 per night. They…Read More

Fishermen's Protest

Written by azsunluvr on 26 Oct, 2002

Maybe in a few months we'll be laughing about it, but it was unnerving being held against our will in Mexico! Conservationists want to make part of the north end of the Sea of Cortez a sanctuary and disallow fishing there. The fishing methods used…Read More

Mayan Palace

Written by sugarcuckie on 05 Apr, 2004

The resort is up and running. The staff is fantastic -- it felt like we were home with family. The daily poolside activities were great for the kids. The various pools were a brilliant idea (they all connect, but have different depths).…Read More

Mayan Palace, Puerto Penasco

Written by Pennyrich on 17 Feb, 2003

We were told that this was a brand new resort, meaning that it was new and really cool. They left out the part about it not being finished and still under construction. There is NO golf course, water skiing, wind surfing, elevator, playground area, auto…Read More

4-Wheelin' in the Dunes

Written by azsunluvr on 07 Oct, 2002

On our first trip to Rocky Point, we were excited to take our new Dodge Durango and go 4-wheeling in the sand dunes. Of course, it's even more exciting to go at night, right? So we loaded the three kids in the Dodge and headed…Read More

Mayan Palace

Written by sugarcuckie on 19 Mar, 2003

The resort was wonderful, we only were able to enjoy it for about three days until I went into labor seven weeks early. Luckily there was a resort doctor, but unfortunately the action plan was not ideal (as we came to find out). There was…Read More

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