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Things to be Aware of When Crossing the Jordanian Border

Written by karly07 on 15 Oct, 2009

If you want to cross into Jordan from Israel, and visit the sites of Petra or Wadi Rum, then you will have to go through a border crossing. The most popular crossing for tourists is the one at Eilat, which is supposed to be…Read More

8 Essential Things to Do or See in Israel!

Written by karly07 on 24 Sep, 2009

Israel is like nowhere I have ever travelled before. It is a vast mix of religions, traditions and customs, and therefore hardly suprising that the tensions in parts of the country are so prominent. Three of the world's major religions all come…Read More

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Written by MALUSE on 01 Sep, 2009

We set out in the afternoon to get a first glimpse of the Old City, the historical and religious heart of Jerusalem. We entered through the Damascus Gate, one of the eight gates (of which seven are still in use) of the old city wall…Read More

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Tel Aviv Vive*

Written by MALUSE on 31 Mar, 2009

My German country people are the world champions when it comes to travelling, Israel, however, is not one of their favoured destinations, so it was easy to organise the trip two years ago, we went to a travel agency, booked the flight and the hotels…Read More

Yodefat - One of the Nicest Places in Israel

Written by dangaroo on 02 Mar, 2009

Admittedly I've not been to Upper Gallillee or Golan Heights but apart from that I journeyeed through the majority of Israel during my stay and my two favourite places would have to be Yodefat in Galillee and The Dead Sea. The two have very contrary…Read More

Akko - I Didn't Know How Much I Missed You!

Written by dangaroo on 25 Feb, 2009

Whilst Jaffa surpassed my expectations as a charming Israeli coastal town, Akko disappointed. Akko is located in the north west of Israel, relatively close to the Lebanese border. It's accessible by train from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and of course Haifa. Egged bus also ply several…Read More

Be Scared of the Prices, Not Terrorist Attacks!

Written by dangaroo on 02 Jan, 2009

For many visitors to Israel, Tel Aviv will be the first place they stop. Ben Gurion airport apart from being a place to be grilled by custom officers, is generally the gateway to Israel from Europe or other continents.I arrived from chilly Germany and Poland…Read More

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Using a Personal Guide

Written by pabrams52 on 05 Feb, 2007

A Tour with EliThere are all different manners of touring the world. Some travelers opt for a group, while others choose to go it alone. But lucky are the ones that can hire their own private guide. Such was our good fortune when my husband…Read More

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Tel Aviv

Written by shamash on 23 Jan, 2007

Tel Aviv stands for beautiful and lively. I have never been to a city with so many drop dead stunning women. They greet you with a smile and a wiggle of attitude. I don't know the statistics but to me the women outnumber the men…Read More

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Airport Security Overload

Written by thetravelgoose on 03 Oct, 2006

I arrived at the airport to leave Israel and went through the preliminary security check. The man that questioned me was very polite and asked me a series of questions including, the purpose of my trip to Israel, where my boyfriend's family lives, if I…Read More

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