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Martyrdom in Iran - the Behesht-e-Zahra Cemetary

Written by koshkha on 15 Mar, 2009

When you visit Iran there’s one thing you can’t fail to spot – it is a country with a fixation on death and martyrdom; a country where no matter where you go, you are never very far from reminders of the Iran-Iraq war – or…Read More

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Dress to Impress - Observing Iranian Dress Code

Written by koshkha on 06 Mar, 2009

There are times when I look around me at what people are wearing and I despair. Maybe I'm turning into my own mother, but the desire to scream "What DO you look like?" at random passers by is growing stronger as I get older. When…Read More

My Brief Life As a Commercially Important Person

Written by koshkha on 02 Mar, 2009

My first visit to Iran was not what you could really call a conventional trip but then it could be argued that perhaps with Iran no visit is ever really very conventional. It was about 6 years ago and the company I worked for asked…Read More

An Iranian A to Z : Qajars to Zoroastrianism

Written by koshkha on 28 Feb, 2009

~ Q is for Qajars ~There were many dynasties in Persia but the Qajars were one that I can't remember too much about - but at least the provided me with a Q. Wikipedia tells me that they were around from 1781 to 1925…Read More

An Iranian A to Z : George Bush to Persepolis

Written by koshkha on 28 Feb, 2009

~ G is for George Bush ~"Do you all hate us or is it just the Americans?" The question was asked one evening as we wandered the streets of Shiraz. It was asked in curiosity rather than anger and we resisted the temptation to say…Read More

An Iranian A to Z : Ayatollahs to Food

Written by koshkha on 28 Feb, 2009

In 2006, we announced to friends, family and colleagues that we had just booked a holiday in Iran (an 'Axis of Evil Tour' as they might see it) and their responses were fairly predictable. They ranged from the geographically mistaken "But isn't there a war…Read More

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Sights in Kashan

Written by baroudeur2004 on 19 Oct, 2007

After having visited Abyaneh and Bagh-e Tarikhi-ye Fin, I went back to Kashan to visit its main sights.Agha Bozorg MosqueI first stopped at Agha Bozorg Mosque. At the entrance, an old man asked me to pay the foreign rate. I quickly had a look at…Read More

Mostaqim! How to hail a taxi in Iran

Written by Esteeve on 10 Nov, 2000

Usually mostaqim (straight ahead) will do the trick. In order to hail a taxi anywhere in Iran, one must stand by the roadside and as taxis slow down and roll by, you must yell out the direction in which you wish to travel. If the…Read More

An encounter with the Bassijis, the much dreaded Guardians of the Revolution

Written by baroudeur2004 on 25 Sep, 2007

I had met Moshen, a lovely Iranian guy through a chatting website and I had decided to meet him since he seemed trustworthy. He was a graphic designer student about to finish his studies and we quickly became friends after I arrived in Tehran. Moshen…Read More

Iran-The Hidden World

Written by sbmalik on 22 Aug, 2006

Iran-The hidden beautyPresent day Iran after the reign of Shah of Iran and now under the Ayatullahs regime is not a favorite and popular destination of Americans or Europeans. The unwritten threat and Islamic culture, dress code for women appears to be the major reasons…Read More

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