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Why Visit Roatan?

Written by swylie17 on 24 Jan, 2005

Like I said in the overview, it rained, A LOT. We literally had a total of 6 hours of sunshine - for the entire week! The rest of the trip was cloudy and rainy. We knew it was rainy season, but give…Read More

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The backpacking partying diving island of Utila

Written by diverk on 08 May, 2003

Serious backpackers go to Utila from all over the world. I met many people from Canada, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, and Israel. Surprisingly, because it's so close, I met only two people from the US. Because Utila has the cheapest diving courses in…Read More

My AFS Experience in Tela

Written by kiwigal on 10 Jul, 2001

This is an essay I wrote about my experience for the scholarship I recieved to go to Honduras. I would like to print it here as it tells about my experience in the words of an 18 year old first time traveller. Looking back over…Read More

The Pech

Written by Milvos on 06 Oct, 2001

The tribe of the Pech is not well investigated. In pre-Columbian times the Pech lived in the center of what today is the Honduran Moskitia. The area of the Pech reached from the Aguans River over the Patuca River to the Cape Gracias a Dios.…Read More

The Moskitos

Written by Milvos on 06 Oct, 2001

The Miskitos are supposed to have their origin in the rainforests of South America, this is concluded from their language which is very similar to the dialects of the Chibcha family. The name Miskitos could have been derived from the word "mosquete", the guns…Read More

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Make Statements not questions

Written by savvy_artist on 28 Mar, 2008

I arrived by Hedman Alas bus line, thinking I knew where I was going. I walk thru the bus station, and, at the other end, I find taxi drivers and hotel promoters, at the front door. I asked, "Do you know where Hotel Carrillo is"?…Read More

CASS Spanish School

Written by fionademp on 19 Feb, 2007

The Central American Spanish School is located in a house on Utila. There's a range of learning options and I opted for a week intensive Spanish combined with diving. My first mistake was attempting this combination, I'll review the diving separately, but there really isn't the…Read More

Snorkeling off West Bay Beach

Written by beachlover1952 on 03 Apr, 2006

We have been to Cozumel and the Hawaiian Islands. The water and snorkeling in West Bay Beach has them all beat. The clear, calm water and the close proximity to the second largest reef in the world makes this one of the best places to…Read More

Getting Open-Water Certification

Written by beachlover1952 on 03 Apr, 2006

Three adults and four teens got open-water certified in 5 days, and it was a blast. We used Reef Gliders in West End, and they were great. The price was $200 per person, which is a bargain. I can not imagine a better or easier…Read More

The Diving

Written by sendtobrad on 22 Jun, 2005

Well, I imagine that if you are looking into going to Roatan, you already know that the diving is good. I did my first wreck dive and really enjoyed it. The only site I liked better was the Palancar Reef, and it is probably only…Read More

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