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Top 10 things to do at Cusuco National Park, Honduras

Written by Juancpaz on 03 Oct, 2009

1) 4x4 car experience! To get to national park, you have to get with a 4x4 vehicle. San Pedro Sula, has a elevation of 120 meters above the level, and the highest elevation of the park is at 2200 meters above sea level. But the…Read More

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The Airport -- Getting to/from Honduras

Written by Jose Kevo on 25 Feb, 2008

Getting in/out of Honduras has never been easier thanks to Aeropuerto Internacional Ramón Villeda Morales; the newly renovated facility 15km outside San Pedro Sula. Considering location, this is the best option for making connections to the country's most popular sites, including the Copán Archeological…Read More

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Too Legit To Quit; a Photo Tour

Written by Jose Kevo on 12 Feb, 2008

Optium Viewing; Wobbling into my twelfth hour of fixated itchy feet, interest feigned standing at yet another trailhead. The path quickly disappeared into the coffee plantation; the Macaw Mountain guide thoroughly detailing the plants, the trail, the potential overlooks, the… Since it…Read More

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Crossing the Honduran/Guatemalan Border

Written by Jose Kevo on 28 Dec, 2007

With such close proximity to La Frontera, the town of Copán Ruinas and further afield Copán Archaeological Site, have became one of Guatemala's most popular daytrips; especially to anyone searching for Mayan Ruins. Guatemala guidebooks all include special sections for making this border run…Read More

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Hungry in Honduras

Written by ext212 on 13 Jun, 2006

What we will find during our stay in Roatan is mediocre food with prices comparable to New York City. Each bill comes with a 10% tax and a steep 12% service charge. We tried five restaurants during our 4-day stay before we gave up and…Read More

Rio Platano Biosphere Information

Written by Milvos on 06 Oct, 2001

The "Reserva de la Humanidad y Biosfera del Rio Platano" was declared in 1980 by the Honduran government. The reserve is situated in the North East of Honduras and covers 5251 km². The Reserve is one of the largest areas of forest remaining in Honduras.…Read More

Your Alternatives to Roatan

Written by SaraP on 08 Sep, 2006

Your alternatives to Roatan are Utila (c29 km) or Guanaja (c70 km) from the Honduras mainland port of La Ceiba. Both are of course also surrounded by vast coral reefs with prolific undersea life and diving/snorkeling is their mainstay for visitors. Utila is known the…Read More

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Sante Wellness Center

Written by dcrates on 20 Feb, 2006

We had the fortunate experience of staying at The Sante Wellness Center over Christmas, 2005. We arrived there by a short boat ride (2 minutes) from across the bay where Leon, one of the owners of the Center, greeted us and picked us up. Once…Read More

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Guanaja/Bay Islands

Written by smileskey on 27 Apr, 2005

We went to Guanaja, first discovered by Columbus in 1502, because it was Semana Santa and the main bay island, Roatan, was packed. We had heard good things about Guanaja from friends, so we gave it a shot. Too bad the End of the World…Read More

Transport From Guatemala to Honduras

Written by bjoelle@msn.com on 27 Jul, 2005

I did a lot of research before my trip about the safety of the roads between Guatemala and Honduras. More so than the other roads in Guatemala, this path seemed to suffer from the majority of road blocks and robberies. Therefore, I asked one of…Read More

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