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Boracay Night Life

Written by BratinelangKikay on 26 Aug, 2011

The activities in Boracay doesn't end after the sun calls it a day. The island is beaming with life even at night with bars, KTVs, live bands, discos and fire dancers providing the festive atmosphere. Begin a fantastic evening by watching the romantic sunset. The…Read More

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Boracay Hurray! : Eat and Be Merry

Written by BratinelangKikay on 25 Aug, 2011

One will never go hungry in Boracay, especially at White Beach where there are hundreds of restaurants, cafes, food stalls and food carts all within reach.For those who traveled to Boracay and yet doesn't want to get out of their food comfort zone, dine at…Read More

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Beautiful Boracay

Written by Opcon LLC on 06 Aug, 2007

Upon arrival in Catacalin airport we were picked-up by our travel agency and promptly driven to the port where we were to take a short boat ride to Boracay Island. The travel coordinator requested that we pay 50 Php each for an environmental tax and…Read More

In Conclusion

Written by Opcon LLC on 06 Aug, 2007

CONCLUSIONPaying Western standard prices for a vacation in one of the poorest countries in the world didn’t set well with neither my wife nor I. At one point my wife, in her usual insightful manner made the comment to me, "Damn! The Philippine government is…Read More

Preserving a Piece of Paradise

Written by victraveler on 12 Dec, 2006

Having visited Boracay countless of times, I still consider this island destination a "must visit" destination for all sun seekers and even local tourists as well. After all, how many islands in the world offer 4 kilometers of pure powdery white sand, and on its…Read More

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First Impression of the Island

Written by hstanfi on 25 Aug, 2006

After the boat docked, my first impression of the island was of the natives rushing at me, waving their arms in my face (as if to say ‘Pick me, Pick me’), yelling "Porter, porter?" For a minimal fee (we usually gave them 20 pesos =…Read More

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Boracay memories

Written by qes on 07 Apr, 2004

First time: The first time I went to Boracay was when I was five-years-old. And even at that young age, I still had a lot of fun there. It was all about playing with my cousins around the resort and getting sunburned (to a crisp!). I…Read More

Fitting Superlatives (exerpt; previously published in Asian Diver magazine)

Written by lillitot on 24 Jul, 2003

If you grow up with Boracay just an hour away by plane, you end up . . . immune to the 821 different superlatives people use to describe this 1,000 hectare island. Of course, it IS true that the people are charming, sunset is captivating, the…Read More

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Endangered Fruit Bats

Written by Sirenna on 07 Oct, 2005

Take a boat ride to the north of the island at sunset and watch the fruit bats as they fly over to the mainland to feed. This is a really spectacular sight - the bats are absolutely HUGE! Some unscrupulous locals offer tours through the…Read More

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Puka Beach

Written by Sirenna on 07 Oct, 2005

Puka Beach was named after the famous Puka Shells that were popular as jewellry in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Such large numbers of them were collected from the beach that sadly there are hardly any left now. This is a nice place to spend an afternoon…Read More

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