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Stories and Tips Isla de la Piedra

Beach Light, Pts. I, II, and III

Written by El Gallo on 02 Oct, 2000

The rising north wind is chilling the beach, and chasing the waves over the flats, piling up riffles high enough to catch and block the low pink rays of the sunset. The wind-piled ripples are sharper, more triangular in profile than the gentler shapes…Read More

Getting there

Written by El Gallo on 01 Oct, 2000

Technically, Isla de la Piedra isn't an island. You can drive there if you don't mind a couple of hours of insanely terrible road. But practically speaking, you get there by motor launch, the typical local fishing boats called pangas. The trip…Read More

Where to stay?

Written by El Gallo on 01 Oct, 2000

The isla has always been a day trip, not a destination--but with more and more Americans and Europeans seeing it as a destination, it's starting to accomodate. There are no hotels, and probably never will be thanks to ejido law, which is to complex…Read More

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