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The Yodeler

Written by datnurse on 27 Aug, 2001

What is it about yodeling that makes you want to tap your foot and warble along, if you only could? That is how I felt on a recent trip to the Bavarian village in the Cascade Mountains of Washington - Leavenworth. The atmosphere is set…Read More

Stevens Pass / Tumwater Canyon

Written by El Gallo on 30 Sep, 2000

This is the route into (or out of) Leavenworth to the west, and the main reason there's a town there in the first place. Lots of people don't like Stevens because it tends to be two lane, and gets clogged and therefore very dangerous…Read More

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Peshastin Pinnacles--Outdoor Climbers' Gym

Written by El Gallo on 30 Sep, 2000

Just a few miles east on Hiway 2 is Peshastin Pinnacles State Park--the pleasant ending of a long struggle over climber's access to one of the best-known climbing sites in Washington. It's a day use park in which you can find any level of…Read More

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Activites you WON'T find at Disneyworld

Written by El Gallo on 30 Sep, 2000

They have hiking and skiing and rafting and mountain biking in Leavenworth. Big woop. Who doesn't? Step into town and you find out where to do that stuff in about ten minutes. But they also have stuff to do in Leavenworth…Read More

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Land of a Thousand Festivals

Written by El Gallo on 30 Sep, 2000

FESTIVALS Actually the original idea behind the Bavarian Putsch was just to have a Bavaria Festival, but the concept blitzkrieged out of control. And Leavenworth is still the most festival-happy place going. The start the year out with the Bavarian Ice Fest--snowshoe races, dog sleds, tug…Read More

Leavenworth's Christmas atmosphere

Written by Kavalier on 19 Nov, 2000

While in Leavenworth during the Christmas season it is impossible to not feel the energy of the holiday. People are friendly and some even speak a bit of German (which I love). Shops have great Christmas gifts and the food is wonderful. The snow really…Read More

Written by Judy on 17 Oct, 2000

Christmas is a wonderful time in Germany and so it is here in Leavenworth. The town is decked out in lights on every building and street vendors show their wares as do all the shop owners. Unique gifts, food, tours of local B&B's…Read More

Written by Judy on 17 Oct, 2000

No, it's not spelled wrong. This is a truly German event complete with German folk music direct from the homeland, dancing in the streets, good food and beer. Where else can you get this kind of entertainment for $10.00 per day. Held each…Read More

Cross-country Skiing

Written by Judy on 17 Oct, 2000

What a perfect winter wonderland in and around this great town. There are 8K of trails from downtown to the golf course and a total of 23K near town. If you like more adventure you can ski in the Lake Wenatchee Recreation Area…Read More

Winter Fun in Leavenworth

Written by dpowell2020 on 05 Jan, 2010

We took a weekend trip to Leavenworth from Seattle to have some fun in the snow with the kids. The town was very nicely decorated for Christmas with tons of lights which the wife and kids really liked. We were looking to do some sledding…Read More

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