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Invitation to Trier

Written by jimhum on 22 Feb, 2001

Germany’s capital of Roman Antiquity is a magnificent surprise. Located astride the Mosel River about six miles from the Luxembourg border, Trier is little known to most travelers who vacation in Europe, but it should be one of Germany’s most visited cities. The oldest city…Read More

Christmas Market

Written by catronma on 23 Jan, 2007

The Marketplatz at Christmas time (usually Dec 1-24) will house the traditional German Christmas market. Trier is one of the largest ones that I went to during my time in Germany and one of the best. These Kristkindle Markets as they are called are very crowded…Read More

University of Trier

Written by Globe on 27 Sep, 2002

If you have seen many universitites in Europe, you may have noticed that most of them are spread out through a city, with no central campus or location. The University of Trier is different.Located just outside of town, the university has a true campus with…Read More

Taking the Train

Written by Globe on 27 Sep, 2002

One of the highlights of a trip to Trier is actually the journey to the city, especially if you travel by train. Trier lies near the Mosel River, famous for it's vineyards and hilly scenery. For many kilometers north, the train tracks are set right…Read More

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