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Stories and Tips Faroe Islands

Viking Trails in the Capital of the Faroes!

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Basics=====Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands, colourful houses (red, green, black) surround the port and the area in the nearby old town. As you go further from the centre, the houses become less colourful but they are still very intriguing to the first…Read More

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Smallest Capital? - Exploring Torshavn

Written by davidx on 01 Jan, 2009

Claims are made for it to be the world's smallest capital. As far as size is concerned, who does the measurement and precisely what do they measure? What interests me is the notion of a capital without a country. Portree on Skye and Tobermory on…Read More

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The Faroe Islands

Written by Madlobster on 24 May, 2006

Located roughly mid-way between Iceland and Scotland lie the Faroe Islands. Accessible by air or ship, these remote islands are delightful in every way. There are about 14 islands lying in a northwest/southeast manner; each island is up to 10 miles long and 2 miles…Read More

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