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Day 4 - This Is The End

Written by ripplefan2 on 16 Aug, 2007

There is nothing more terrible than waking up knowing that you are leaving from the place where you are vacationing. As we all awoke, surprisingly all at the same time, breakfast was a top priority on everyone’s list; hangovers are a bitch. So we all walked…Read More

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Day 1 - Break On Through To The Otherside

Written by ripplefan2 on 14 Aug, 2007

I hadn’t been to a festival in two years and I was dying to go to this one because it was at a place I have never been to before and had bands that I really wanted to see. So, my buddy bought four tickets…Read More

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Day 2 - Who'll Stop The Rain

Written by ripplefan2 on 13 Aug, 2007

Never in my life have I been as cold as I was on that second day. After spending all night in a parking lot, sleeping in the car, all we wanted to do was set up our tents and go to bed. However, the waiting…Read More

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Day 3 - Here Comes The Sun

Written by ripplefan2 on 14 Aug, 2007

Waking up on that third day, I was hoping for warm air and a nice breeze to help my core temperature warm up. But, Mother Nature had a different plan for me. I opened my tent door and was greeted by yet more mist and…Read More

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