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Written by proxam2 on 02 Oct, 2010

San Gimignano has been often been referred to as the Manhattan of Tuscany. No, not because the taxi drivers don't know their way around and can hardly speak a word of English, but because of the resemblance of their respective skylines due to the many…Read More

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San Gimignano - The Medieval Manhattan

Written by Liam Hetherington on 16 May, 2009

San Gimignano is the quintessential Tuscan hill town. It is also well on the tourist trail – but for very good reasons! In fact I would say there are four very good reasons for taking a day trip out to San Gimignano if you should…Read More

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A Walking Tour of San Gimignano

Written by Liam Hetherington on 16 May, 2009

As the bus to San Gimignano winds up the hill side you are presented with your first glimpse of the town’s famous towers poking above the trees in a suitably epic manner. The bus drops you right outside the Porta San Giovanni, the best-preserved gate…Read More

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The Towering San Gimignano

Written by VA_traveler on 06 Jul, 2007

San Gimignano, like most Tuscan towns, has its share of towers. More than its share, actually - the 13 towers still standing give this little town the record. It isn't all about height, though - in fact, only one of the towers is open for…Read More

Local Festivals

Written by Traveling Gal on 26 Jun, 2002

Throughout Tuscany, I thoroughly recommend visiting every local food festival that you can! You will be rewarded with wonderful memories. In San Gimignano, we awoke from a nap to find ourselves ravenous. It was late -by the time we decided to find a restaurant,…Read More


Written by travel2000 on 02 Nov, 2000

As with most small Italian towns, walking through the small alleys and streets is the best way to explore. Get lost and take streets depending on your instincts and what strikes your fancy. Stop and take photos and admire the different towers. There used to…Read More

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Looking around

Written by PeterMu on 07 Jul, 2004

Looking around shows at first a long main street from one end of the city to the other. Here you will find one shop after the other (wine, ceramics, leather, clothing, souvenirs, food of wild boars, olive oil. All the time there is one of…Read More

This and That

Written by dglawless on 26 Jun, 2001

San Gimigniano was the place that was used as a prison for the women in the movie "Tea With Mussolini". It was like revisiting when I saw the movie. It was, in fact, used as a prison during WWII but was surprisingly spared a…Read More

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Picnic Supplies

Written by Colleen on 22 Sep, 2000

San Gimignano is a good place to get some picnic supplies. Stop in the little shops and pick up some dried Tuscan sausage, cheese, bread, fruit and wine. The Tuscan countryside creates a better environment for lunch than any crowded restaurant can.…Read More

Don't Stay in Town

Written by Colleen on 22 Sep, 2000

I do not recommend staying in town because it can get very crowded and touristy. The best places to stay in the area are at the Agriturismos. These are farms that offer classy accommodations (don't worry you don't have to milk any cows) and homemade…Read More

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