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Olympic Overview

Written by callen60 on 05 Feb, 2009

Memorable MomentsWe packed a lot into a week, and a lot sticks out. Two of the best moments were gazing into the top of Mount St. Helens as steam vented from the lava bridge, and walking the wonderful beach at Kalaloch in Olympic National Park…Read More

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Salt Creek Recreation Area

Written by snuffelupagus on 19 May, 2005

If it’s a sunny day, I can think of no better place to while away the entire day than the Salt Creek Recreation Area on the northern shore of Washington, along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. With tidepools, a playground, mountain trails,…Read More

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Sol Duc Falls

Written by snuffelupagus on 18 May, 2005

The hike to Sol Duc Falls was the best hike of our trip, primarily because the falls were so beautiful, but also because it is a nice easy hike that makes you feel like you’re really in the outdoors being active. It is a…Read More

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Hoh Rainforest

Written by snuffelupagus on 09 May, 2005

What do I remember most about driving through the Olympic National Park to the Hoh Rainforest? The cows, of course! After you turn off Highway 101, it is about 13 miles to the Hoh Rainforest visitor center. So, we are driving along, admiring the…Read More

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Shi Shi Beach & Point of Arches

Written by El Gallo on 23 Sep, 2000

Shi Shi beach (and Point of Arches) is a place everybody in the Northwest has heard about, but few go there. It has had more poems written about it than any other place in the area, hands down. The very name "Shi Shi"…Read More

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Hot Springs

Written by El Gallo on 23 Sep, 2000

The most popular hot springs in the Olympics is Sol Duc (an old Indian phrase meaning "A duck with a lotta soul"), about 30 miles west of Port Angeles, on it's own 10 mile entry road from Hiway 101. It's a completely developed resort…Read More

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Port Townsend: Wonderful Victoriana in Gorgeous Setting

Written by El Gallo on 24 Sep, 2000

The first image of Port Townsend (possibly the most beautiful town in the Northwest) is of restored Victorian buildings: impossibly quaint B&B's and museums and tea rooms set in riotous gingerbread, hyper-detail, and drop-dead charm. But there's also the setting to consider: the old…Read More

Port Angeles: Marine to Alpine in 45 minutes

Written by El Gallo on 22 Sep, 2000

Port Angeles itself is often considered an ugly little hick town (the pulp mill and plywood factory are frequently mentioned in such dismissals) that only serves as a gateway to some beautiful and exciting places. And there's something to that: I personally consider it…Read More

Hoh Rain Forest

Written by Judy on 07 Oct, 2000

Located on the west side of the mountains, this is a picturesque rain forest complete with nurse logs, ferns, huge moss-covered sitka spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock towering overhead. The ground is covered with trillium, salmonberry and maidenhair ferns along with many other…Read More

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Madison Falls

Written by snuffelupagus on 11 May, 2005

Call this Marymere Falls Light. It is only a 1/4-mile roundtrip trail that is paved, making it wheelchair-accessible. Strangely enough, it was one of our favorite stops because it was a spur-of-the-moment "Turn here!" adventure. Madison Falls is right at the Olympic Hot Springs…Read More

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