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Stories and Tips Sault Ste Marie

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The colors

Written by Gypsy Canuck on 18 Oct, 2004

The colors are spectacular, and the clean, fresh air and quiet were wonderful. You can walk on the paths that the cross-country skiers use in the winter and listen to the birds singing and watch the leaves fall from the trees. They float in the…Read More

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The path

Written by Gypsy Canuck on 18 Oct, 2004

The path down to the lake is through the park, down a hill, and up wooden paths to the falls and into the woods on leaf-strewn nature trails. There are bears, but I didn't see any, as the dogs scare them off - thank goodness.…Read More

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Winter Wonderland

Written by Gypsy Canuck on 31 Jan, 2004

It is cold and it is bad to drive, but the snow and ice is magical in the north. The trees tun into sculptures and the snow has all sorts of different hues. It sparkles in the sun and is blinding to drive in. Sault…Read More

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