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Stories and Tips Ethiopia

Ah yes, the famine....

Written by eccles1 on 05 Jul, 2003

Ah yes, The Famine . . . OK, so there I was, my flight booked in July 2002, and on November 11, the headline on BBC News is that the rains failed, there’s now a drought, and a looming famine that’s going to be…Read More

Photography, hassles and bliss

Written by eccles1 on 05 Jul, 2003

Photography: I never had any trouble taking photos, with one exception. Mind you, I don’t ever stick my camera in someone’s face and snap away. Using my zoom lens, taking photos of street scenes or markets, not a problem. The exception: Addis Ababa. For a…Read More

Getting there, getting around, money

Written by eccles1 on 05 Jul, 2003

Booking flight: Toronto (where I live) has a large Ethiopian community, so I used a travel agent in that community -- African Wings Travel & Tours. I booked my flight Toronto->Newark->Addis in late July. A bit early, but I wanted to fly on the weekend…Read More


Written by eccles1 on 05 Jul, 2003

ETHIOPIA TRIP- January 2003 When people think of Ethiopia, most think of famine, drought, war, and Bob Geldof. But there’s so much more to the country -– an ancient history, a vibrant and distinctive culture, a delicious cuisine -- and great beer! Last December (2002) and…Read More

Day Fourteen and Fifteen / Fact Sheet

Written by Madrid on 01 May, 2003

Day Fourteen – I rose early and walked to the large church by the lake. I was not sure just where I was going but, suddenly, I saw a worshipful crowd all dressed in white and flowing out from the church and its compound into…Read More

Day Nine thru Thirteen

Written by Madrid on 01 May, 2003

Day Nine – Mekele is the birthplace of the current president of Ethiopia and so has benefited from this fact. We visited a multi-million dollar war memorial to those who lost their lives in the civil war that shook loose the Marxist regime. It resembles…Read More

Day Five thru Eight

Written by Madrid on 01 May, 2003

Day Five – A hard bit of driving brought us to the small town of Lalibela by afternoon. Lalibela was the second capital of Ethiopia and is home to a dozen rock-hewn churches that date from the 12th century. The churches are in two clusters…Read More

Day Two

Written by Madrid on 01 May, 2003

Day Two -– Today was the day to find the Ghion hotel as I would be checking out of my "one star" for the "four star" luxury of the Ghion the next day. Addis Ababa was founded only 125 years ago. It means New Flower because…Read More

Day One

Written by Madrid on 01 May, 2003

Day One – I arrived in Addis Ababa at 2am. The airport was old and small, but ours would be one of the last planes to land here. By the time I left the country, the new airport was opened. It is a modern showplace…Read More


Written by Madrid on 01 May, 2003

Ethiopia and Islam Islam was expanding which had the effect of cutting off Ethiopia from its former Mediterranean trading partners and allies. Muslims replaced the Egyptians in the Red Sea ports. Ethiopians were allowed to consecrate their Bishops in Cairo and pilgrims were allowed to travel…Read More

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