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Let's cut to the Plunge: The Hot Springs!

Written by El Gallo on 19 Sep, 2000

The World's Largest Natural Hot Pool. But that doesn't even cover it. As I mentioned, this is one of the world's all-time swimming holes (right up there with Lover's Beach in Cabo, Barton Springs in Austin, Jeremiah Johnson Hot Springs up Lolo Pass).…Read More

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Glenwood Hot Springs

Written by c_rau on 21 Feb, 2003

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has got to be the world’s largest hot tube. An oasis in the mountains, this natural spring is open year round with something for kids and adults alike. The shear size of it is overwhelming. You can get the full scope of…Read More


Written by El Gallo on 20 Sep, 2000

Where Indiana Jones meets the Godfather to take some steam? Seriously, the Yampah Vapor Caves have been a tourist site for millenia. The local Indian tribes considered them sacred (or course, what Indian in his right mind…Read More

The Railroad Station

Written by El Gallo on 20 Sep, 2000

Okay, it's just an Amtrack station. IF you are that kind of person. It might also be a very poetic spot, an old-style railroad station in stone and wood and brass, with that sturdy comforting architecture you've seen in so…Read More

Ski The Heart of the Rockies--Hot soak that night

Written by El Gallo on 20 Sep, 2000

There are two types of skiing available to people staying in Glenwood: mini-local and mega-international. Right outside of town (and served by free shuttles) is Sunlight Mountain (the Sun doesn't actually Dance here, but it is light, fantastic),…Read More

Hking, rafting, fishing, and stuff

Written by El Gallo on 20 Sep, 2000

Hiking Glenwood lies in a deep bowl with either mountains or canyons in every direction--you should be able to find a hike to suit you. Warm up with a walk up to the cemetery (sat hi to Doc and The Kid) and continue…Read More

Doc and the Kid: RIP

Written by El Gallo on 20 Sep, 2000

They brag about Roosevelt and Taft over at the Hotel, but don't make much mention that Al Capone liked the place, too. Yet, they make a big fuss over Doc Holiday, certainly as criminal and vicious. Ah the stuff of…Read More

Amtrak from Denver to Glenwood Springs

Written by evansmichaelj on 26 Jul, 2003

I boarded the "California Zephyr" at Denver's classic Union Station and headed west. It was 8am and I was prepared for a fantastic rail voyage. I was not let down. The north side of the train offered spectacular panoramas as we climbed into the rockies.…Read More

Penny Smashing

Written by c_rau on 21 Feb, 2003

For you penny smashers, Glenwood Springs has two locations, one at the Glenwood Caverns gift shop and information center and the other at the mall. Glenwood Caverns is at 508 Pine Street, which is straight up the hill (north) from the traffic light that begins…Read More

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Day Trip to Aspen

Written by c_rau on 21 Feb, 2003

One of the great things about Glenwood Springs is that it’s only a thirty minute drive up Highway 82 to Aspen, the skiing mecca of the rich and famous. You can stay in Glenwood Springs at bargain prices while window shopping and dining at…Read More

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