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What can happen next...?

Written by MichaelJM on 05 Jul, 2013

What can happen next...?This isn’t a question that I often have to ask when I’m setting off on holiday because I pride myself on planning well (see separate experience) and setting off nice and early to allow for all contingencies.We knew that they had started…Read More

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It's all in the planning

Written by MichaelJM on 27 Jun, 2013

Many of our friends and acquaintances had visited parts of Croatia and all commented positively about their holiday experiences. We’d got out of the swing of travelling independently as the last few long haul holidays had been arranged by tour operators for us, but we…Read More

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Tips For Visiting Dubrovnik

Written by Jodeci527 on 28 Feb, 2012

1. Rather than hiring a taxi to the Old Town from downtown Dubrovnik, there are many bus stops along the main streets where you can board the local buses. Bus tickets can be bought when boarding the bus, however it works out to be cheaper…Read More

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Beaches and Hiking in Dubrovnik

Written by Jodeci527 on 28 Feb, 2012

After having a great lunch at Restaurant Antonini, Jennifer and I were feeling a bit stuffed. However, we weren't about to just sit around doing absolutely nothing! We ran into Kathrine, an American girl from our cruise ship and she asked if we were interested…Read More

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From Mostar to Dubrovnik

Written by manatwork on 01 Jun, 2011

I arrived in Dubrovnik at around 8.30 pm. Luckily the hostel sent someone to pick me up at the Main Bus Station. I met a girl from Malaysia, who is living in Melbourne. She was staying at the same hostel. We talked for hours sharing…Read More

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Gem of the Adriatic

Written by Meggysmum on 04 Oct, 2009

Dubrovnik, in Croatia, is sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic. The most delightful way so come across this medieval city is by cruise ship across the Adriatic. The early morning vista of white walls and terracotta roofs in the morning…Read More

Dubrovnik's Stradun - A Shopper's Paradise

Written by Praskipark on 23 Apr, 2009

The Stradun in Dubrovnik is famous for its cafe culture and medieval buildings and churches but there is one more thing that it is famous for and that is shopping. During the early hours of the afternoon just after lunchtime the Stradun willl be buzzing…Read More

A Better Out of Season Destination?

Written by dangaroo on 21 Apr, 2009

Until recent years Dubrovnik had lived a fairly happy life, initially living under the protection of the Byzantine Empire until it was a sovereign state under the rule of Venice and later Hungary, Dubrovnik and its surroundings then known as the Republic of Ragusa was…Read More

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Dubrovnik's Buzzing Stradun

Written by Praskipark on 21 Apr, 2009

Dubrovnik, a Unesco World Heritage Site, has now fully recovered from the bitter Serbian and Montenegrin attack of 1991-92 and has been restored to its former grandeur. This remarkable former city-state has in its historic centre perhaps the most attractive and well preserved Baroque core…Read More

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Montenegro Bus Tours

Written by KatyOlson on 01 Mar, 2007

At the last quarter of the paved road in Petrovac, the main road that separates sand from hotel property, sit two daytrip salesmen. Friendly and eager to practice their English, the pair convinced my companion and I to purchase a number of excursions - from…Read More

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