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Escape to Eritrea

Written by Richard Cain on 27 Sep, 2004

Those unfamiliar with Cairo will not realise that it is pretty cold in winter. The builders of my apartment block obviously didn't realise it either, as there was no heating and the wind was whistling through my (closed) windows. It was coming up to the…Read More


Written by andreacasalotti on 03 Jan, 2001

January 2 Having left the Hamam Appreciation Society in Jedda, we arrive punctually in Asmara. We ride into town under a big black African sky punctured by the full moon. The roads are quiet, but almost every block has a bar with music weaving out.…Read More

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Just so you know...

Written by nomadnancy on 11 May, 2005

I love this little country with its amazingly kind and beautiful people, but as with most wonderful places, there are some drawbacks. First, there is a persistent threat of a war reigniting with their neighbor and one-time ruler Ethiopia. This explains the constant…Read More

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Adventure in Massawa

Written by nomadnancy on 10 May, 2005

We took a local bus for 6 hours to Massawa, the closest Red Sea port. The bus ride started pleasantly enough (and only cost about $1.50), with the cool temperatures of Asmara (at 7,500 feet), but as we descended to sea level, it got…Read More

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