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Route 66 in Arizona

Written by Jeffrey on 29 Dec, 2000

Route 66 used to run across northern Arizona where I-40 exists now, including Winslow, Holbrook, and Flagstaff. Although Route 66 no longer appears on maps, many nostalgic people continue to long for the golden age Route 66 represented. Along with the dozens of hotels, gas stations, and…Read More

2nd and Kingsley

Written by camera-gal on 17 Sep, 2000

We drove into town mid-afternoon. The sun was drooping from the sky. It was hot and dusty. We came for one purpose and one purpose only. We wanted to see 'the corner'. I'd heard the song many times. It's…Read More

Petrified Forest - the park

Written by Rick on 19 Apr, 2001

Petrified Forest is a magnificent stretch of land, full of scenic beauty and paleontological wonder. The park features one of the world's largest and most colorful concentrations of petrified (fossilized) wood. Also included in the park's 93,533 acres are the red-hued badlands of the Painted…Read More

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Painted Desert of Arizona

Written by Jeffrey on 29 Dec, 2000

Along I-40 across north eastern Arizona, and farther north, there are scenic overlooks of the painted desert both inside and outside of the Petrified Forest National Park. The painted desert gets its name from the distinctive different brown, pink, and white colors that the layers of…Read More

Winslow, Arizona

Written by Jeffrey on 29 Dec, 2000

Between the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (see other journal) and Holbrook Arizona (where we stayed), we stopped and looked around in Winslow Arizona. I knew that the rock group The Eagles immoralized this town in one of their songs a long time ago, but…Read More

Old Route 66

Written by camera-gal on 31 Mar, 2001

Arizona is said to have the longest stretch of what was once Route 66. Yes it does. I know. We drove it. Not that there was much to see. The two-lane road takes you through desertion. At times I became worried because we would…Read More

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