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Along the Tepla promenade

Written by marif on 21 Dec, 2004

The tightly packed terraced Art-Nouveau buildings along the Tepla River promenade were neglected and left to crumble when the country was ruled by the Communists. Reconstructed or restored to their original glory, they are once more indicative of the old Austro-Hungarian imperial towns. What you…Read More

Hot spring water and Becherovka

Written by marif on 21 Dec, 2004

Numerous visitors you see walking along the river promenade are here for a medical spa treatment inside one of the town's sanatoria, most of which are just hotels equipped to provide complete therapy services. Most sanatoria are usually fully booked and do not accept day…Read More

Spas and Castles

Written by marif on 21 Dec, 2004

The region of West Bohemia between Karlovy Vary and the German border is an area of small medieval towns which have developed in the neighbourhood of mighty strongholds or around Victorian-style bathhouses and hot water springs. There's much to see here; historic town centres are…Read More

A Word About the Springs

Written by mfs on 13 Dec, 2000

We were very curious about the alleged healing powers of the springs that are all over Karlovy Vary. We discovered that certain springs are said to cure specific ailments. Many sufferers of upper respiratory ailments come to Karlovy Vary seeking a cure from…Read More


Written by Amanda on 12 Sep, 2000

The '13th spring' of Karlovy Vary is the amazing drink. It's a type of spirit, which tastes a bit like vodka with pepper and cinnamon, with mysterious herbs added in a secret process. It's made here, and drunk all over the Czech Republic. It's amazing…Read More

Mineral Springs in Karlovy Vary

Written by Amanda on 12 Sep, 2000

This is the reason to come here - it's a Spa town. There are loads of springs, all tasting subtley different in their various nasty ways. But console yourself - they are very good for you! (allegedly...) It's fun, wandering around with a cup, trying…Read More

What It's Like to Spend Time in Karlovy Vary

Written by mfs on 13 Dec, 2000

The town has a completely different feel from Prague or other towns we visited in the Czech Republic - it has a more Austrian lilt to it, which provided a nice contrast to the heavier, Bohemian atmosphere of Prague and Cesky Krumlov. We thoroughly…Read More

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