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Ushuaia, the end of the world

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 04 Jul, 2007

I have been only three times in my lifetime to Ushuaia, and have enjoyed each trip more than the previous one. The beauty is incredible and difficult to describe in words. As a European tourist said: "It is a combination of Norway and…Read More

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The best way to plan your trip to Southern Patagon

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 04 Jul, 2007

Recently there have been problems in radar equipment in the Buenos Aires airports, and that has been causing delays in many flights due to the need of complying with safety requirements. If you rely heavily on airplane services, your travel plans could run…Read More

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Navigation of the Beagle Channel, Visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 21 Dec, 2006

When you walk along the coastal avenue and turn left towards Bahía Encerrada, you just imagine how beautiful it must be to navigate the channel. The city is beautiful from any angle; it is just below the Andes. As I said in my previous experience,…Read More

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Heading to Rio Gallegos

Written by chipper on 11 Oct, 2000

Our final day at Torres del Paine, we drove by the Great Salten--a big waterfall with lots of force heading over the rocks. The falls were about 40 feet high with a strong current of green-blue water. We were impressed by this until…Read More

Ushuaia, The City at the End of the World

Written by Peregrine on 29 Aug, 2000

Ushuaia is the most southerly city in the world, as the tourist literature tells you every other sentence. 54° South. It is in that tail end of South America called Tierra del Fuego, which is, for the most part, a scattering of thousands…Read More

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The Beagle Channel and other tours and places to visit

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 13 Apr, 2007

The navigation of the Beagle Channel (Canales Fueguinos) is one of the most fashionable tours in Southern Argentina, and also the most expensive one. The Mare Australis ships that navigate the Beagle Channel to Punta Arenas are always in high demmand.But thee are also…Read More

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Lake Roca and Lapataia bay (Tierra del Fuego National Park)

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 13 Apr, 2007

I stayed many years ago inside this National Park, and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the hostel where I stayed, Alakush, was burnt down and never reconstructed. It was next to the bridge of the Lapataia river, where the largest trout fished half a century ago…Read More

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The Martial Glacier, only 5 miles away...

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 13 Apr, 2007

THE MARTIAL GLACIER: I had walked towards the Martial Glacier during my second trip to Ushuaia (1982) but at that time there was no chairlift, so I only walked part of the trail. Now, it is far easier. You have the option of walking up…Read More

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The city of Ushuaia and its surrounding area (updated)

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 12 Apr, 2007

THE CITY OF USHUAIA Ushuaia is delightful. Unfortunately, it is one of the three most expensive destinations in Argentina, together with El Calafate (the glaciers) and Las Leñas (the main ski center in Mendoza). Fortunately, everything is so near that you can enjoy it thoroughly…Read More

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Cerro Castor Ski Center and Martial Glacier

Written by Robert Raymond Ingledew on 23 Dec, 2006

Cerro Castor is the newest ski center in Argentina. Although mountains are not very high in Tierra del Fuego, climate is cold and snow lasts most of the year round. It is located at a distance of 15 miles from the city of Ushuaia, has…Read More

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