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The Sukhothai Kingdom

Written by SeenThat on 01 Aug, 2008

193 temples can be visited nowadays in the Sukhothai ruins; optimistically, the name means "Dawn of Happiness."Principalities and Kingdoms Modern Thailand is the third Thai kingdom; to understand Sukhothai - the first one - some knowledge of the far past is necessary. Originally, Thais migrated…Read More

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Suriyothai City: the Modern Capital of Sukhothai

Written by SeenThat on 01 Aug, 2008

On Provincial NamesRural Thailand can be a bit confusing, especially while reading local signs. Often cities are referred by other than the official name and rural locations bear the name of well known cities. This is the result of the country's administrative organization into provinces…Read More

Buddha in Wat Yai

Written by summers.d on 29 Oct, 2005

Full and correct name is Wat Phra Sri Ratana Mahatat, but everybody says Wat Yai (I think this means Big Temple). Short flight from Bangkok to Phitsanulok. They served a kind of meal in a box. I was one of the few who actually ate…Read More

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Sukhothai and the Old City

Written by summers.d on 29 Oct, 2005

The hotel van took me to the bus station to go to Sukhothai. The driver helped me to get my ticket, which cost 38 baht ($1). The bus left on time. It’s a comfortable bus, like several others I’ve ridden. They’re known as VIP busses…Read More

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