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Getting to Ponce by way of China

Written by Ishtar on 14 Dec, 2001

We are now wanting to head to Ponce and are getting onto Route 2. As we leave the Dorado area, we are trying to find the most direct route there. We go past many hospitals and diagnostic services (for your information, Puerto Rico's #…Read More

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Who were the De Vives ?

Written by Ishtar on 12 Dec, 2001

The first generation, Salvador de Vives came from Venezuela with his wife, children and slaves in 1821. After working for the Spanish government, he purchased 450 acres of land in the hills which was close to the Canas River and its waterfall.…Read More

The Journey Over Land

Written by Roving Rosario on 10 Sep, 2000

If like most people you arrive in Puerto Rico through San Juan please do yourself a favor and take the drive around the Island. Although the highway is the fastest way to do this, it is not always the best. There are the…Read More

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