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EDIRNE: 1-Day Itinerary

Written by Marianne on 05 Aug, 2005

EDIRNE: One-day Itinerary MORNING: Start your day with a visit to Selimiyi Mosquein Dilaver parki. This park is easy to find, as it is right in the centre, and beside the mosque's four slender, 70m-tall minarets are beacons from wherever you are in the city. At…Read More

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Kiyiköy: Village on the Black Sea

Written by Marianne on 05 Aug, 2005

Kiyiköy looks promising on the map. First of all, it is on the Black Sea coast. Secondly, it is a small dot - so it must be a small village - and only 60km west of Istanbul. When we got to Kiyiköy, the village was even…Read More

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From Istanbul via Kiyiköy and Edirne to the Greek border

Written by Marianne on 05 Aug, 2005

Thrace is the area west of Istanbul and the only Turkish province in Europe. It is traversed by the toll road from Istanbul to Edirne (250km). This is an ancient road that follows the Via Egnatia. (This Roman military highway stretched across Macedonia and Thrace…Read More

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