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Experiencing Wuhan

Written by nofootprint on 16 Apr, 2010

WuhanOnce again I am surprised by the size of this city . I guess I still have my preconceived vision of China with small villages with little rice paddies. There are 8 million people here and tons of modern skyscrapers. By Chinese standards this…Read More

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A Medium Sized City in China has 8 Million People!

Written by nofootprint on 27 Dec, 2009

Once again I am surprised by the size of this city . There are 8 million people here and tons of modern skyscrapers. By Chinese standards this is a medium sized city but no matter how you dice it its still 8 million people!The first…Read More

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A Christmas Faux Pas

Written by nmagann on 16 Dec, 2005

Recording over school property and associating Christmas with dead relatives is not the message I want to convey. I have made enough faux pas already.Students are very quiet, partly due to their culture and partly because their teachers demand it. Wanting my students to be…Read More


Written by vincy on 29 Oct, 2008

"Morning. Which place to go today? We haven't been to that one beside the Machine Tools Factory for a long time. How about that? Alright, I'll meet you there". It is 6:30 in the morning. Lao Wang, a middle-aged man is making a call to…Read More

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Hongshan Park

Written by nmagann on 25 Mar, 2006

HONGSHAN PARK, not to be confused with nearby Hongshan Square, is quite large. I made the mistake of choosing the wrong direction when looking for the entrance, which took me around the four perimeter streets. These streets, Zhongshan Lu, Minzhu Lu, Luoshi Lu,…Read More

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Incredible Kids' Environment

Written by nmagann on 23 Nov, 2005

The conditions at my school may not be identical to those in other cities, but I am inclined to believe they are similar. Personally, I am lucky in having only 70 to 80 students in each of my classes. The regular classes have 100 to…Read More

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Honor Dinner Ends in Police Car

Written by nmagann on 01 Nov, 2005

Wednesday at 6pm, I received a call from Zheng. I had been cleaning in the bathroom and was going to spray it down while I showered. She asked me if I had had dinner. My thoughts raced quickly to my (what is the correct answer…Read More

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Accidental Acupuncture

Written by nmagann on 01 Nov, 2005

Being new to living in China, a wonderful woman whose name is Zheng is helping me with learning how to work my apartment’s appliances and finding items in the grocery store among other things. Zheng came by to let Virginia, another newcomer, and I know…Read More

A Toothless Grin

Written by garymarsh6 on 01 Oct, 2009

On the bus from Wuhan to Yin chang we had to drive along the uneven motorways. Being the youngest on the tour we always ended up at the back of the bus with another couple just a wee bit older than us. All the oldies…Read More

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