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Special telephone call made from Jekyll Island

Written by Tideone on 15 Sep, 2000

Near the entrance to the Indian Mound Cottage is a telephone and not just any ordinary telephone. This telephone was used to make the first transcontinental telephone call. Theodore Vail, the presdient of AT&T, was supposed to make the call from somewhere else. But a leg injury found…Read More

Best From Afar

Written by Daddyarewethereyet on 01 Aug, 2005

Everything you have heard and read about Jekyll Island Club Hotel is true. The grounds are beautiful, and from a distance, the hotel and its structures are impressive. However, any tourist considering staying on Jekyll Island would be better off staying at one of the…Read More

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Jekyll Island 4-H Center

Written by Chess-ter on 30 Sep, 2004

I went to Jekyll Island with my fifth-grade class for a two-night field trip. We stayed in dorm-like rooms with six kids and one adult chaperone. We slept on bunkbeds. The lodging was definitely not luxurious, but it was comfortable. The…Read More

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Jekyll Islands nature and things to do

Written by AnaMH on 12 Nov, 2000

If you're into biking this is the place for you. The bike paths are in excellent shape and go everywhere on the island. The island has excellent golf courses and several tennis courts. Where did we play...putt-putt! The beaches are open to the public and not…Read More

Dolphin Sighseeing Cruises

Written by Tideone on 18 Jan, 2001

Captain Vernon Reynolds will take you on a cruise of the bays, waterways and creeks surrounding Jekyll Island. Reynolds, who is a USCG Licensed Captain with 30 years experience in navigating the local waters, points out the wood storks, blue heron and white egret that inhabit…Read More

Jekyll Island Club

Written by tessh24 on 04 Mar, 2005

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is like stepping back in time. The buildings remind you of the escapes for the advantaged in the ‘50s and ‘60s. We were there during the children’s golf classic and saw a group of kids out front learning how to…Read More

Winter Paradise for Snowbirds

Written by leakyoleboat on 17 Sep, 2003

Quiet, peaceful, great weather, no traffic--not even any traffic lights--winter events daily, which are often free to the public. Golf, Tennis, Historic site, museums. Wonderful one, two and three bedroom condominiums with full kitchens: stay a month or stay all winter. You will…Read More

Lost in the Fog

Written by willow on 18 Dec, 2000

Following a restless night on stone hard beds and granite pillows, we opted for a walk on the beach. Fog enveloped the island like a shroud. We could hear the surf but there was no definition between sand, sea and sky. Even…Read More

Historic Jekyll Island

Written by katyw on 07 Sep, 2000

The Creeks were the first to cherish this golden isle. They had no concept of 'ownership'. They and the land were one. The golden sun that rose from the depth of the wave crested blue…Read More


Written by HURTBRIDE2B on 12 Apr, 2007

My fiancé and I were planning a Labor Day weekend wedding, and we thought we had found the perfect place: Jekyll Island. I spent all of February talking with the staff over the phone making arrangements etc. We were so excited. We…Read More

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