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Water sports

Written by C. A. Fliedner on 11 Aug, 2002

Commercially owned boats line the marina's boardwalk, enticing tourists to book trips ranging from harbor cruises, scuba and snorkeling adventures, to week-long gullet trips. Like Bozburun, gullets are produced in local boatyards, and Bodrum is one of the most popular ports on the gulets’…Read More

Shopping to suit everyone's budget

Written by C. A. Fliedner on 13 Aug, 2002

From the exclusive clothing shops at the entrance to the marina, and the souvenir stores that line both sides of the streets in the "downtown" area, Bodrum has just about anything you'd need or want to find in Turkey. I roamed the streets in…Read More

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Bodrum Karada Marina--attention sailers!

Written by C. A. Fliedner on 25 Jul, 2002

In case any of you are thinking of charting a boat and sailing to Bodrum, here's some information about Bodrum Karada Marina. Firstly, you should radio ahead and let the marina personnel know the name of your boat, country where it's registered, and the…Read More

The Tomb of King Maussollos

Written by C. A. Fliedner on 24 Jul, 2002

The ruler Maussollos of Halicarnassus died in 353 B.C. after reigning for 24 years. Back then, the area was known as Caria, and it was famous throughout the ancient world as a trading port. Like the pharaohs of Egypt, King Maussollos began work…Read More

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Shopping in Bodrum

Written by C. A. Fliedner on 24 Jul, 2002

Bodrum is great for shopping, though many of the more exclusive shops are very expensive, even by American standards. Besides the usual Turkish products, high-end stores, like Gucci, are grouped near the entrance to the Marina. Exclusive antique, gold and art stores can…Read More

My Interpretation of the Local People

Written by shandydesigns on 24 Jul, 2005

Okay, so some of them really try hard to get you to buy their products, but they are friendly about it. We had a good laugh with most of the people, and if we said we'd buy off them towards the end of our…Read More

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Walking in and around Bodrum

Written by erkan_sehirli on 08 Oct, 2010

In Bodrum and environs, there are plenty of great experiences in and around the high mountains, as seen in the distance from the hotels' balconies. Things that you do not have a chance to get near unless you are "off road" and on foot.Here are…Read More

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You Will Enjoy Bodrum

Written by Pam n Tom on 16 Nov, 2009

We spent 2 weeks in Torba ( just outside Bodrum ) and visited this wonderful town almost every day. We enjoyed the shopping...the Market near the bus station is good and cheap. Also..and maybe most of all, we enjoyed the turkish people...they are friendly and…Read More

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