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A night in Rotterdam

Written by Jctravel1983 on 16 Dec, 2010

If you go to Rotterdam for a weekend, then do something with the 'nightlife' in Rotterdam.Let me tell you about were I was on a Friday evening and night in Rotterdam. Las PalmasFish restaurant Las Palmas is at the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Here…Read More

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biking to the windmills

Written by rhiannon1968 on 08 Feb, 2002

When in Rome, do as the Romans do - when in the Netherlands... cycle like the Dutch. This is what I thought when my friend suggested we should go to see the windmills by bike. If I had listened to my Belgian friends, whose maxim…Read More

Why Rotterdam?

Written by milliebell on 02 Jun, 2002

I have found when doing my research that Rotterdam often gets poor write ups in guidebooks. I feel this is unfair. Amsterdam it is not. It is a very modern city, due to being bombed to oblivion in May 1940. The result is a planned…Read More

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A walk around Town

Written by milliebell on 02 Jun, 2002

I started off at Centraal Station. I spent some time wandering around the city centre, enjoying some magnificent buildings. It reminded me of Manhattan in minature. I headed towards the library next. This building is very easy to spot - it has big yellow pipes…Read More

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Rotterdam: Modern City (cranescape)

Written by rhiannon1968 on 08 Feb, 2002

Rotterdam is primarily a modern city - often also an experimental modern city. It's a city in the making, an everchanging city. And local people love it for that - they especially love the sight of the many building cranes scattered all over and around.…Read More

Modern architecture

Written by jurgen on 06 Sep, 2000

The most magnificent architectural sites in Rotterdam are on walking distance from each other. Starting from the Central Station, go left into Weena street. The highrise on your left; the Nationale Nederlanden insurance company; is the highest officebuilding in the Netherlands. Go to the right…Read More

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Rotterdam is Different

Written by Schubidu on 06 Oct, 2007

We went on a day trip to Rotterdam whilst on a weekend stay in Amsterdam. My partner is soccer-mad and with Feyenoord playing away, the obvious place to head for was Sparta Rotterdam's stadium. Before getting there, we found a parking space in a street…Read More

Hoek van Holland

Written by Meuse-Hike on 19 Apr, 2005

Where the sand kisses the sea, where river and sea become one, here, under a tumbling sky, where seagulls shout their sad cries, my journey starts. This is Europort, and every three to five minutes, an oceangoing vessel passes. An old coastal fortress keeps an eye…Read More

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Rotterdam: Old Town (what's left of it)

Written by rhiannon1968 on 08 Feb, 2002

When German planes hit the Netherlands, and Rotterdam in particular, they did a meticulous job: they nearly destroyed every single building. When it was time to rebuild the city the authorities voted against a project of reconstructing the city like it used to be. They…Read More

European Cultural Capital 2001

Written by Wenasje on 18 Jul, 2001

Together with Porto in Portugal, Rotterdam is the European Cultural Capital for 2001. Many events, special shows and performances are staged during this whole year. Well, half the year has already gone by, but in the other half there will still be plenty to see…Read More

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