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A family of Geese

Written by Casual Tourist on 06 Sep, 2000

The spring and summer of 2000 afforded me the opportunity of observing a family of geese develop on Herington Reservoir. My husband first spotted them on the southwest side of the lake near the road. The goslings were quite young at that time.…Read More

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The Heron at Herington Reservoir

Written by Casual Tourist on 06 Sep, 2000

The first time I saw a wild heron was at Herington Reservoir and I hadn't a clue what I was seeing. I assumed it was a crane, but decided to investigate more thoroughly to discover what exactly this large bird was. It was in the…Read More

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Eisenhower Presidential Library

Written by Casual Tourist on 10 Oct, 2000

Most impressive here is the building itself, marvelous marble walls and floors. There are a few displays inside the library that are interesting -- things that belonged to Ike and Mamie and other memorabilia. The library itself is open only for those who…Read More

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Also on the Eisenhower Grounds

Written by Casual Tourist on 17 Mar, 2001

In addition to the several buildings at the Eisenhower Center there are two attractions outisde on the grounds that you will want to view. Between the library and the museum is an elegant brass statue of Eisenhower sporting the short military jacket that he…Read More

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