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2500 Meter High Volcano Crater Lake!!

Written by Eleven Shadows on 01 Jun, 2007

I took a bus to the Andean countryside west of Latacunga, first visiting Laguna Quilotoa. This incredible crater lake has blue-green water and sandy shores at 3500m! The rim is at 3854m, metric for "really freakin' high!". It was extremely windy as well, and…Read More

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Week 58 - Day of the Dead (Ecuador)

Written by Shady Ady on 10 Nov, 2006

I have always known both my strengths and weaknesses, and this week saw my strengths totally undermined by one of my biggest weaknesses, my dancing.November 2nd in Ecuador saw one of the biggest annual celebrations as whole country stopped work to celebrate the 'Day of…Read More

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La Mama Negra Fiesta (Religious)

Written by Shady Ady on 21 Oct, 2006

In both the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet guidebooks the Mama Negra Fiesta is billed as one of Ecuador’s must see attractions. Living only a 20 minute ride from Latacunga, the small town where the Mama Negra takes place, it would have been rude not…Read More

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Week 61 & 62 - In the Mixer! (Ecuador)

Written by Shady Ady on 09 Dec, 2006

I apologise for the tediousness of this entry but no matter how hard I try, nothing of interest or amusement seems to be happening to me. Ecuadorian presidential elections have been and gone with no trouble at all. I was hoping to see a few…Read More

Week 59 & 60 - Bad Chewing Gum (Ecuador)

Written by Shady Ady on 24 Nov, 2006

Of all my weeks in Ecuador so far I think the last rated as one of the best and busiest so far. Finally, after 3 months of living here I have actually decided to go and visit some more of the country.To start the week…Read More

Week 57 - Restaurant Injections (Ecuador)

Written by Shady Ady on 28 Oct, 2006

In a week that saw the unfortunate demise of an innocent dog under the wheels of our car, plus many more numerous dead people on the front pages of the newspapers, who seem to have a sadistic pleasure in showing off dead bodies, the best…Read More

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Week 55 & 56 - 'Shooting-Up' (Ecuador)

Written by Shady Ady on 20 Oct, 2006

After the escapades of previous weeks, recent shenanigans have been on a much lower scale. The highlight was somehow managing to secure a lecturing job working at Ecuador’s’ Military University, located in the nearby town of Latacunga.I was going to get paid a tiny little…Read More

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