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Top 10 things to do at Cusuco National Park, Honduras

Written by Juancpaz on 03 Oct, 2009

1) 4x4 car experience! To get to national park, you have to get with a 4x4 vehicle. San Pedro Sula, has a elevation of 120 meters above the level, and the highest elevation of the park is at 2200 meters above sea level. But the…Read More

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The Airport -- Getting to/from Honduras

Written by Jose Kevo on 25 Feb, 2008

Getting in/out of Honduras has never been easier thanks to Aeropuerto Internacional Ramón Villeda Morales; the newly renovated facility 15km outside San Pedro Sula. Considering location, this is the best option for making connections to the country's most popular sites, including the Copán Archeological…Read More

Top 5 NEW things to do at Cusuco National Park

Written by Juancpaz on 02 Sep, 2010

Tourism has had a great effect on the development of a new hot spot destination in Honduras. This has brought hope back to the people that the villages will be able to profit from their services and not agriculture. With time activities have bloom and…Read More

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Hope for the People. Honduras, Cusuco National Park

Written by Juancpaz on 04 Feb, 2010

Honduras, Central AmericaA little country that canand Will.A little country in the middle of the continent, greatly affected by external factors in which we couldn’t´t interfere. A struggle between few has hit every person living in this land.Our project to develop hundreds and thousands of…Read More

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