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A Flaming Cascade

Written by TianjinPaul on 19 May, 2010

This story takes place on Xia Tong alley in Chengdu, a few doors down from Dragon Town Youth Hostel at which my buddy Ossie and I were staying. It was our first night in Chengdu and we decided that we wanted to experience some really…Read More

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Mt Qingchengshan

Written by Naughty_lulu on 08 Jan, 2010

The mountain is luxuriantly covered by green trees, hence its name meaning Green City Mountain since Tang Dynasty. Mt. Qingchengshan is one of the birthplaces of Daoism, China's only indigenous religion. It is still a religious centre sprinkled with caves and shrines venerated by Taoists.It…Read More

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Essence of Chengdu and Intoxicating Mt. Emeishan

Written by freetrekker on 13 May, 2009

Day 1 In China, there're never short of adventures. From north to south, east to west, see everything you never seen. Even though you feel that you already knew all of these hot resorts, there are still more than you ever known. Come to…Read More

My Budget

Written by Lauren T on 26 Feb, 2002

After arriving in Chengdu and purchasing my train ticket to Shanghai, I had only a little more than 200 yuan ($25 USD) to get me through 24 hours in Chengdu, buy my train fare from Shanghai to Changzhou, hire a cab from the Changzhou train…Read More

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What a Natural Paradise - Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area

Written by Naughty_lulu on 18 Dec, 2009

Due to the existence of nice stockaded villages of Tibetan origin, Jiuzhaigou is always regarded as a holy mountain and watercourse by the Tibetan people. A Look at Jiuzhaigou Scenic AreaJiuzhaigou Scenic Area is one of a cluster of three protected areas in the Minshan…Read More

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