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Tbilisi - An Overview

Written by fizzytom on 21 May, 2009

Tbilisi is situated in the heart of Georgia; it’s pretty, it’s old and there’s a lot of history but it’s not a tourist destination. If you go to Tbilisi you’ll encounter lots of non-Georgians but few of them will be tourists; it’s much more likely…Read More

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Abanotubani - The Sulphur Baths

Written by fizzytom on 17 Jun, 2008

In a city that - despite being visually attractive - has little in the way of tourist attractions, the sulphur baths of Tbilisi are a welcome diversion from viewing churches and musuems. On a three month trip you can suffer culture fatigue after a while…Read More

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Supra: The Essential Georgian Experience

Written by HobWahid on 27 Jul, 2005

If you are going to be in Georgia for any length of time, it would be a crime to miss out on the most quintessential Georgian experience, the supra. The Georgians take their eating seriously, and they take their celebrating even more seriously. They will…Read More

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Timeless Tbilisi

Written by HobWahid on 27 Jul, 2005

Tbilisi is easily my most favorite city in Caucasus. It is an ancient city, nestled in a valley along the banks of the majestic, but impossible-to-pronounce, Mtkvari River. The city, although surrounded by towering mountains, manages to maintain a temperate climate that keeps it relatively…Read More

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Mtskheta and Georgian Spirituality

Written by HobWahid on 27 Jul, 2005

One thing you will notice about Georgia as soon as you arrive is that it is a deeply religious country. It is the second-oldest Christian nation in the world, having been converted by St. Nino in 337, and they take their Christianity seriously, creating their…Read More

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Tbilisi's Sulphur Baths

Written by HobWahid on 27 Jul, 2005

Tbilisi has long been famous for the piping-hot sulphur water that bubbles out of the ground along the banks of the Mtkvari River; in fact, that’s where the city gets it name. So, not surprisingly, Tbilisi has its fair share of bathhouses, all centered around…Read More

Life in Tbilisi

Written by Grijsz on 24 Apr, 2005

It's always a good idea to meet Tbilisians. There are good chances at openings, concerts, and readings at the University and at cafes. Tbilisians are proud to show you their own hometown. Friday nights are Caucasus rock concerts at the City restaurant at Alexidze St.,…Read More

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