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A long winding road.

Written by garymarsh6 on 08 Jun, 2012

Scenic drive along the Amalfi coast.The drive along the Amalfi coast is perhaps one of the most stunning drives in the world driving along roads built into the sides of the cliffs that drop steeply into the sea hundreds of feet below you. It is…Read More

Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

Written by lovethecaribbean on 26 Jun, 2011

Restaurants in and around Positano- One thing to keep in mind is that most restaurants on the Amalfi Coast and in Capri charge a cover just to sit at the table (even if you’re ordering food and drink). This seemed to range from…Read More

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Activities in the Amalfi Coast (Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi)

Written by lovethecaribbean on 26 Jun, 2011

I twisted my foot in Pompeii and I was in a lot of pain by the time we arrived our hotel in Positano. I mostly relaxed in the room and enjoyed the gorgeous view from the balcony of our room. On our first…Read More

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One Day in Amalfi by Public Bus

Written by alias843 on 05 Apr, 2010

On a week-long trip to Rome I had padded my schedule a little bit so as to spend some time in Pompeii, using Naples as my base of operation. A quick look at a map of Italy told me that this might be the…Read More

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Written by Krys T on 29 Aug, 2006

Amalfi is famous. Apparently. Everyone seems to have heard of it, and let's face it, the whole area is called the Amalfi coast. So, you can hardly visit the area without visiting the town.Warning - parking here is a nightmare. Mostly because…Read More

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Amalfi Coast

Written by italylover on 24 Oct, 2005

According to legend, while on his numerous adventures, Hercules fell in love with a nymph named Amalfi. Unfortunately for the strong man, she died. Devastated, he buried her in the most beautiful place on earth and, as a testament to both her and the spot,…Read More

The Amalfi Coast in a Vintage Car

Written by Christy9 on 07 Jan, 2009

My husband and I already knew Italy quite well, except from the South. This time we wanted to do something really special: a vacation of one week including wonderful journeys in convertibles from the 1960ies and 70ies. Our first time driving a vintage car! Probably,…Read More

Public Transport at the Amalfi Coast

Written by jorisc on 17 Aug, 2007

1. Boat Boats are easy and usually faster (though not cheaper) than buses. Amalfi has regular connections with Positano, Sorrento, Salerno, Capri, and even Naples. Time schedules are put up on the quay where the boats leave. There is no need to buy a return…Read More

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Walking around Maiori

Written by Krys T on 19 Sep, 2006

My family likes to walk a lot - not only it is good exercise, but it kills time and costs nothing! So before we went to Italy, I bought a book of walks in the local area.The book is called "Sorrento-Amalfi-Capri, car tours and walks"…Read More

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AAA : Amazing, Alluring Amalfi

Written by hagnel2 on 26 Mar, 2005

Ah, Italy, a vibrant nation of passionate, expressive people with a unique charm. It is renowned for its pasta and pizza; its emotive operas and wonderful works of art; and its sense of style, magnificent cities, and scenery. For me the Amalfi Coast epitomizes…Read More

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